Central Camera in Chicago Burns

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  1. Owner Vows To Rebuild After Central Camera Fire

    As a photography enthusiast it is very sad to see something like this happen. I live in Michigan, but I have several fond memories of visiting the store in Chicago and meeting Don on a couple of occasions. Without getting too political, I emphasize with the issues behind the protesting, however, in this case the issue is vandalism and destruction of property by wanton looters.

    Don has started a GoFundMe for rebuilding the store, as insurance may not cover the destruction, depending on future classifications of the rioting. There aren't a lot of businesses I would donate to, but Don at Central Camera is one I would make an exception for:

    Central Camera Company Rebuild organized by Don Flesch
  2. So sorry to see this, but wow, the store owner (Don) has a remarkable attitude and spirit. I would not be anywhere near as upbeat and forgiving as he was at that crucial moment, while his store was still burning. It does make one willing to contribute to a return even if one has never set foot in the store - such as myself.

    Interesting too that he apparently only shoots film (except for cell phone). Looks like he has a TLR around his neck.

    Thanks for posting this but again so sorry we have such a story to post.
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    It won't be the same...that's for sure. When in Chicago, I've often rummaged thru the store seeking bargains in the bottom of old drawers and boxes filled with "misc items". I used to wander over there during my lunchtime, when I worked in the Loop...it was like stepping into a bazaar filled with many languages and peoples, all vying for attention with the clerks.
  4. Is B&H safe?
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    Good News for Chicago Photo Enthusiasts. Just announced on CBS News, the owner said he will be opening a temporary facility next door to the old one on Wabash St. on Sept. 1, although I didn't hear exactly what services will be available there. He plans to gut and rebuild the old location which has been in business since 1899, and expects it to be open for business in 2021.
  6. its nice that hes going to rebuilt, but the question is, has the charm and nostalgia factor of the store been destroyed for good with so much of the original, new old stock items having been destroyed
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    "To be or not to be...that is the question"! I imagine he'll probably call on old contacts to supply him with old stuff, but probably not to the extent in previous times (sad, I used to walk over there during my lunch hour when I worked in the loop and drool over old classics). If he really wanted to, though, there's a semi-annual local photography flea-market where lots of old gear is purveyed...or at least displayed. I haven't been for about 3 years, but last time it was still pretty impressive, although the internet has cut into their sales, I'm sure, but even KEH was there. As for Central...we'll just have to wait and see.

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