Center Weigted vs. 12% spot metering

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  1. Suppose you have a FTBn and an A1 camera as I have. When are the most advantageous times to use either given the difference in metering? I acquired my FTBn recently and haven't had a chance to experiment with it much.
  2. I own a F-1N so can change metering patterns by changing screens. I use the averaging screen whenever the camera is in automatic mode (either aperture or shutter-speed preferred automation). Usually this is when I'm photographing action and don't want to worry about exposure. I use the 12% screen when I don't need automation and want to be more in control of the situation (contrasty lighting conditions). Either system works, once you're used to it, but overall, I prefer the 12% metering pattern to averaging.
  3. I'd use the 12° for concert photography, metering performers faces with stage lights in my frame.
    TBH: I don't care anymore, even with digital aside. The majority of my film beaters is meterless and I rather bring at least 3 than waste time during first 3 songs only, to change lenses. Relying on a handheld meter I know makes premium & bottom SLR + RF in between a wash and switching to bigger cameras easier.
    I guess with them12° you could shootma bride like a groom, metering onntheir faces?
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    IMO the trick with Spot metering, and I use it a lot still, is to wring the result you want out of it by selecting the right place to put the spot. After a while you train yourself. It isn't foolproof, but a learnable part of the photographic skill set.
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  5. My next experiment will involve a landscape photo session using both cameras. I'll make the same image with each, using the A1 as a control and later compare the image pairs. That should give me some indication of how to adjust my technique with the FTBn.
  6. 12% is not exactly what I'd call spot metering. 3% is more like it which is one of the screens for the New F1

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