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  1. I look for the cemeteries that have the oldest headstones in them. 'findagrave.com' is a treasure trove.
    I want to, in effect, say " We haven't forgotten you, even though you have been gone for so long".
    That's why I especially try to find headstones and markers for veterans from times long past.
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  2. Nothing wrong with either approach. I often take pictures of amusing signs, etc just because they are. Same with shop windows. During Chinese virus, a local gum store had a sign posted on door of entrance, “if you enter store wearing a mask, there will be consequences.” As G. B. Shaw noted, success in photography is about the same odds as salmon successfully going upstream and mating..
    Sorry, on iPad, not computer, so can’t show pictures.
  3. I've shot numerous old cemeteries and continue to find them fascinating.

    Not too awful far from home a friend of mine and I wanted to shoot an old barn. We drove up to the nearest house to seek permission and in speaking to the guy, he pointed acroxs the road to an old and very decrepit cemetery, saying there were some old graves in there- graves from revolutionary & civil war soldiers among others. It's in a very sad state but here are 2 shots I made with the Hasselblad. In the shot of the tombstone of the child who died aged 1 year (2nd photo), you can see the farmhouse where we talked to the farmer in the background.



    these would have been with the 80mm Planar lens... honestly do not recall what film I used for these, could have been an Ilford product tho don't hold me to that.
  4. Here's another one - from the hilltop cemetery in Grafton, Vermont; this was another accidental double exposure made using my 1930s Voigtlander Bessa, a folding 6x9 MF camera. It demands full attention, and often, I still "create" accidental dbl exposures with it. Usually, tho, I end up liking them - as with this one. Again, unsure what film this was shot on... Kodak Portra, maybe? The big white blob at teh top of the shot is a mound of snow on a "pillar" style headstone

  5. another (digital image) from the old cemetery down in Adams County that's in bad shape... sad that nobody has kept this up, although I don't know who would.

  6. big photo dump here, many cemeteries along the way in a mix of digital & film. Some LARGE files here, appearing as attachments... be aware the files are too large to simply drag n drop, so click at the risk of your data plan, please.


    Graveyard Sunset.jpeg

    New Orleans, Saint Louis number? 2 maybe?


    a small rural cemetery some miles from home (south central Pennsylvania), found on a ride one day






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  7. From a small cemetery found in the foothills of the Chiricauhua mountains.
  8. DSC_4388s.JPG

    Jim Morrison
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