Celebrity wedding poll: Which wedding would you rather do?

Discussion in 'Wedding and Event' started by shawn_mertz, May 24, 2011.

  1. I was waiting in line to buy some things on the rack were two magazines with photos of big time weddings. My son and I laughed pondering if they say anything about two nations too. Anyway if you could either photograph the royal wedding or shoot the wedding of Maranda Lambert and Blake Shelton which would it be?
  2. I guess it would all depend on the creativity aspect of it all. Naturally, in a royal wedding your creative input would be nearly zero, while shooting a country singer would allow for significant more latitude of expression. On the other hand, shooting the royal wedding would most likely be a huge bump for your career.
    It all comes down to what you need and how important the pluses and minuses of each are for you.
  3. Shawn, Which photo will have longer legs? I knew who the 'Royal Couple' were but had to Google Maranda Lambert and Blake Shelton. I suspect I'm not alone. But they're all beautiful people so I'd say it's a toss up. Best, LM
  4. Well I know who the royal couple is (that just got married), but since I don't know who Maranda Lambert and Blake Shelton are...
  5. If one googles Maranda Lambert and Blake Shelton then the first thing one finds out is that it is actually Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton. Not that this helps all to much as I still don't know who they are - aside from the fact that they both sing.
  6. Why can't I shoot both? Were they on the same date? Who pays more?
    If all is equal, I'd pick the royals for notoriety...doubt billions of people are interested in the singers.
  7. Maranda Lambert and Blake Shelton​
    Whozat?? :)
  8. I don't know who Miranda Wotzit and Blake Thingummyjig are either, but on the whole I think I'd rather shoot their wedding than the Royal one. Too much pressure and stress, and too little scope for creativity and doing the kind of photography we enjoy.
    My wife was shortlisted to take an official portrait of the Queen last year. The job finally went to someone else, but I think the whole thing would have been just a bit stressful.
  9. Interesting the different ways of looking at it.
  10. I'd much prefer to hang out with Blake and Miranda, perhaps later in the year they might invite me on one their hunting trips :)

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