Celebrating 20 years with photo.net

Discussion in 'Pentax' started by steve_rasmussen, Jun 17, 2017.

  1. I never thought this site would last this long. I mostly hang out in the Medium Format area but since I'm a Pentax shooter, I do visit here on occasion.

    Photo: Pentax 6x7, 45mm lens, Velvia 50, Plustek 120 scan--- Tonga TT245t (1600x1261).jpg
  2. Hi Steve,

    I was just surprised with a new laptop for Fathers day and first place I came was here. I have been or was coming here since 2006 when I set aside my K1000 for Digital. I have not been around because I couldnt find a computer that suited my needs ( basically storing and viewing pictures). I was just telling a friend today that I was kicking myself for not paying for membership years ago and getting one of those little film cans next to my name.

    I dont think it was because I didnt think it would last, my contributions were limited.

    I see we were both wrong.

    anyway, nice shot. my wife and daughter did good with the graphics card and storage....now I'm going to have a few months of loading pictures....lol
  3. It may have lasted this long but I don't see it lasting much longer. Since the introduction recently of the new unusable interface I stopped using it and I would guess from the lack of familiar names it seems most others have too. All eye candy and not much else.
  4. Well, I got here in 2006, hope we will survive.
  5. Agree that the traffic on this site has slowed over the years. I think the face lift that they gave it recently was an attempt to modernize and regain the traffic of old.

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