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  1. I am a wedding photographer in the Cincinnati, OH area and am looking for a vendor to do direct thermal printing on
    the CDs and DVDs that I give to my clients. I have only found one and they aren't moving as quickly as I'd like.
    Anyone from this area know of a company that does this?
    Thank you,
  2. Why not buy an Epson R220/320 and do it your self if you're doing limited quantities only? The turnaround is nice, but wouldn't pay for large quantities.

  3. This is an ink-jet printer, right? So, that would only print me labels. I am looking for something to print directly onto the CD. Thanks though Chas.
  4. Many of the newer Epson's, maybe all of the R series not sure, print directly on the disc.
  5. Yes, the R220 and R320 print directly to the disks. It requires printable media, but I buy that in stacks of 100 at no premium over non-printable media.

    You can find those printers on Ebay fairly cheap. They do good prints, but the expendables cost a fortune. My R320 prints about 120 8 X 10 equivalents from a $90 set of ink cartridges.

    Other than the cost of ink, I have no complaints about my R320.

  6. Thanks Chas and Steve- I will DEFINITELY look into purchasing one of these- man, will that save me tons over the course of the year! Thanks again for the info.!

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