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  1. I acquired this Yashica CC a few months ago and added it to my Yashica rangefinder family which includes the Lynx 1000, 14e, and GSN. The CC is smaller than all of these but feels almost just as heavy with a wonderful feel of solid heft in the hand. The Yashica CC was introduced in 1970 and is different from most compact rangefinders in that it has a 35mm lens, rather than the usual 40mm or 38mm lens. It also sports a large, fast aperture of f/1.8 which makes shooting in low light a bit easier than with some cameras. In the viewfinder the camera uses the same exposure arrows that the GSN and 14e use, which makes finding the right exposure a snap. The lens on this camera is amazingly sharp, every bit as sharp as the Konica Auto S2, which has become one of my benchmarks against which I measure other lenses. I took the CC out several weeks ago after a snowstorm had passed. I also had my F100 (I posted a picture similar to one selected for this thread taken with the F100 on the MFC forum a while ago) and captured some snowy scenes around our home with both cameras. Using the CC is a real pleasure. I t feels good to hold and is compact enough to be a very convenient camera to carry around. It has been one of the more permanent residents in my camera bag. Here are a few snowy shots from my winter walk.
  2. Shot #1--Looking into the woods from the lane not long after sunrise.
  3. Shot #2--Tracks from one of our vehicles
  4. A great little camera. I used to have one.
    Mike :D
  5. Shot #3--This is a somewhat hidden path between some of the pine trees. It leads from the "Tracks" lane down to the grassy area around one of the ponds.
  6. Shot #4--Okay, not a snowy scene shot, but it was snowing outside in Chicago when I took this picture. This was at the 2011 Chicago Auto Show, and it was one of the few pictures I took with the CC before I ran out of film. It's a tale of two Camaros, old and new pace cars. I'd love to have either one of these cars!
  7. Michael, I heartily agree!
  8. There are all great photos there, But I love # 2 the most, great work from you and that small camera
  9. Great series, Andy. That CC really delivers sharpness and contrast. Thanks for posting.
  10. Beautiful exposures.
  11. Looks like a nice little camera, especially dressed all in black like that. Does a good job too.
  12. Excellent images. I particularly like the snowy sunrise; kudos to you for seeing the picture there. The exposure likewise is spot on. And I realized with the last shot that I'm old enough to remember when that older Camaro was the current pace car.
  13. Great looking camera Andy, and I love those snow pictures, probably worth the cold with scenes like that.
  14. What a beautiful camera, Andy, and great pics too! Love it.
  15. Loved the snow scenes, Andy. With all that outdoor work it really was a very cool camera. Camera looks great!
  16. Lauren--Thank you. That scene is one I photograph a lot because it seems to have a slightly different feel in each season. We'll see how it looks when Spring starts to bloom.
    Mike--Thanks Mike. It's a great lens.
    Gene--Thank you, Gene. I appreciate you looking and commenting.
    Craig--It just may become my go-to compact rangefinder.
    Dan--Thanks. That scene was one of those scenes that I could have stood and looked at for a long time, so I had to try and capture it.
    Les--Thanks for commenting and for your compliments. For some reason the atomic symbol cameras do seem to have a cool factor, don't they?
    Tony--Thanks! I think it's a pretty cool camera and a real joy to use. It was definitely worth going out into the cold for these pictures.
    Michael--Thank you for the kind compliments!
    Louis--Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I think that this is a camera you'd like a lot.
  17. Always late to the party! I liked the description! Small but hefty! Feels secure! Fast lens! My kinda camera! Thanks for showingI I often wondered how this stacks against the GSN and the Lnyx models (one day I will get a 1000 too) Great snow pics loved the tracks photo and the interior Camaro I assume is existing light ! Excellent!
  18. Super nice camera Andy, well done with the images. You have composed the very nicely, the snowy hidden path and and the sunrise, look like Kinkade paintings. Well done.
  19. Great little camera, one of my favorite. Nice pictures too -- thanks for sharing Andy!

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