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Discussion in 'Casual Photo Conversations' started by albanomagic, Feb 3, 2007.

  1. I recently purchased an L series lense, 16-35mm from an online dealer called
    cameraexpress. Very weary of the store since I got my lense so I was
    wondering if anyone has heard about this store and its reputation.

    They insisted inm e purchasing a knock version of the lense, tried mixing me
    up with the sales price worst, did not send my warranty card in the box so I
    was unable to redeem a rebate.

    Anyway hope to hear from someone

  2. And you still dealt with them ? Seems to me you should have been wary of the store before you bought the lens.

    Can't find them at They probably trade under a dozen different names. As to their reputation, you should already have that answer. I usually sign off with "good luck" but I think I'll go with Better luck next time.
  3. Camerasexpress or expresscameras? Did you bother to research them on

    Although they now have a NJ address, I think they come from Brooklyn and may have a sideline selling bridges...
  4. "They insisted inm e purchasing a knock version of the lense"

    What the hay is a "knock version"? Do you mean a fake or counterfeit Canon lens? If it's
    gray market--imported by the store rather than through Canon USA--it is exactly the
    same lens as the Canon USA import, save the warranty card. The way that works: large
    camera store in Japan overstocks the lens for a massive volume discount and sells the
    overstock out the backdoor to USA dealers below Canon USA wholesale price. They pass
    the discount on to you. I've bought many gray market lenses and have been pleased with
    each one. Unlike Nikon, Canon USA will perform warranty work on gray market lenses. You
    merely have to do your research to make sure you're coming out ahead with a gray market
    price vs rebate. Normally rebate wins...

    Now if you would have bothered to google on the camera reseller
    ratings you would never placed an order. They are well known to be less than forthcoming.
    At least you got the lens. When the price is too good to be true, it always is. Next time do
    some basic research or stick to B&H, Adorama and Amazon if you're too lazy to check.
  5. Amen to Puppy Face's post. Years ago I had problems with two of the NYC stores and since then, all my purchases have been from Ritz, Amazon and B & H. I would rank the latter as best of the three. Seems to me Ric, if you used a credit card, you can ship the lens back, and it is lens, not lense,and start anew. I have had problems with vendors and called my credit card companies, and they have always been helpful. Just my TCW.
  6. They're scum. A brief internet search BEFORE buying would have relealed that (especially if you got the name right!).


    Pretty much any online store with a compound name that's some sort of combination of "best", "camera", "express", "stop", "buy", "electronics", "good", "deal", "photo" etc. is likely to be a rip-off, and that goes triple if they are working out of Brooklyn.
  7. Thanks everyone for letting me know of

    Thankfully, I did verify the serial # with Canon USA about the authenticity of the lens and they say it is a product of theirs.

    I'll spell check my msg for ya's next time too.

  8. If you are referring to tried to sell me a plastic lens....fortunately the salesman was honest and tried to get me to upgrade...instead I cancelled, of course...and ordered elsewhere.

    Lesson Leaned: always search objective sources of review before making a photography purchase decision. is generally objective except when it comes to Canon vs. Nikon...I sense a strong Canon bias here.

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