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Discussion in 'Extreme, Retro, Instant and More' started by bobatkins, Jun 23, 2005.

  1. Please note that I've added categories for Holga, Lomo, Pinhole,
    Polaroid and Cell Phones. This will make finding posts easier in the

    While we probably don't want a category for every single possible
    manufacturer of type or "alternative" cameras, some suggestions for
    other fairly broad categories are welcome.
  2. Where do we post threads about Pinhole Holga Polariod (Pinholgaroid)? It is not a joke because I actually do that kind of photography.
  3. Good move. It really saves a lot of time and effort if people can first search the existing database for answers to their questions. I don't see a "category" pull-down here yet, but I assume it is on the way. Does there need to be an "Admin" category in which to fit messages like yours?
  4. I'm wondering if a "Toy" category would be helpful to distinguish the Donald Duck/Dick Tracey/beer can cameras from the Holgas and Lomos. Also, would "Diana-type" be more inclusive than Holga and absorb items like the Time, Sunpet, et al. Probably not an issue of huge importance as long as everyone knows the basic scheme.
  5. I think they could be categorized in the same way as "non-alternative" cameras, i.e.,
    digital, 35 mm, medium format, large format, etc.
  6. Note that category names can't be changed. Once there are entries in a category they can't even be deleted. To change a category name, all posts have to be transferred out (one by one...), then the category has be be deleted, then a new one created, then all the posts put back one by one...

    It' spossible that Brian might be able to change a category name by directly manipulating the database, but regular system administrators and forum moderators can't.

    So get it right from the start because that's the only chance you get!
  7. Bob, I'd suggest 'Experimental' cameras or similar. One-shot photography is an area where people are forever re-inventing the wheel, and not necessarily retracing their steps - different from manufactured or well-known standard alternatives like pinhole.
  8. I suggest that you break it down like this:

    Toycameras (Holga, Diana, Lomo, etc),
    Cell Phone,

    There might be some crossover, like a PinHolgaRoid... just choose one category.
  9. The categories are only going to be useful if people actually take the trouble to assign their posts to a specific one. So, it seems to me in devising the categories you are better off using an "accepted-usage" standard rather than something based on just logic. I don't really have any in-depth knowledge of the toy camera scene; it would be nice if some of those who do would jump in with some of their wisdom.<br> &nbsp; &nbsp; Of course, the categories would be irrelevant if we had a forum-specific search alternative. As I mentioned in the Site Feedback forum, Google no longer seems to return useful information on, but Yahoo's Advanced Search feature does a pretty good job if you don't mind getting some extra hits from forums other than your primary interest.
  10. Sorry, Steve; I didn't see your post before entering my last comment. I think we are zeroing in on a scheme. What about a "Disposable" or "one-time-use" category?

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