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    Was wondering if anyone had any good recommendation for cases that fit a Nikon F3HP, I already looked at original the CF-22/20 cases but are there any more modern or other cases from different cameras that fit the camera well too. Thanks
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    I have an Almaz-103 (Soviet SLR similar in shape and size to the F3) and I couldn't get an original case for it, so I bought an OP/TECH USA Soft Pouch. It's a neoprene eveready case with an attachment loop that fastens to the camera. It's not a custom fit, of course, but actually works fairly well and does a good job protecting the camera.

    OP/TECH USA | Comfortable camera straps and slings
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  3. I don't use a half case on my Nikon F3HP but if I did I would get the Patagonia model from Zobet. I purchased one of his cases for my Contax IIIa. I was very impressed.
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    Luigi makes beautiful handcrafted luxurious cases for the F3/F3HP...but they are costly. I've owned several of his cases for other cameras and IMHO they are the very best. Nuova pagina 1

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