Carrying LF and 35mm...How?

Discussion in 'Large Format' started by sam_portera, Dec 12, 2003.

  1. Searched the archives and I haven't found the info I'm looking for.

    I recently added a 4x5 Speed Graphic to my arsenal and after seeing
    my first 4x5 negative I fear that I am now hooked on LF! Ive used my
    speed for about 2 weeks of non stop use but It would be nice to carry
    my 35mm with me for shots requiring faster operation. But my anemic
    Lowepro Micro Trekker 200 will only hold the Speed Graphic, 23
    Graphic back , Film holders and few other accessories.

    I was wondering if anyone else carries 35mm along with LF and how do
    you do it? Ive looked into a new back pack but its very hard to
    picture how everything could fit in there just by looking at a photo
    on the internet.

    Any advice?
  2. Ehrm - not exactly...

    I carry my Linhof Color with 5 lenses, six holders extra film, changing bag and light meter in a Lowepro S&F Trekker Lite. My tripod is in a separate bag slung over one shoulder. Over the other shoulder I have a "spare LF camera", a 1934 plate camera with four holders. And in one pocket is a folding MF camera - a lot smaller than most modern 35mm's!
  3. Sam,

    I pack all my stuff separately in padded bags that are just big enough for each item. The Super Graphic goes in a nylon six-pack soda cooler ($7 at the drugstore); the Leica M4-P and accessories go into an Eagle Creek Excursion bag (sort of a small waist/shoulder bag). Since these bags have padding, you can buy an unpadded hiking (not photo) backpack or daypack at your local outfitters - REI, EMS, Hudson Trail, etc. The better places will let you fill the pack with stuff to see how it fits.

    Personally I like external frame packs, but plenty of folks like the internal ones. I won't go into that here; your friendly local salesperson should earn their keep by helping you find a pack that works for you.

    Regards, David
  4. Carrying a Speed Graphic and a 35mm camera should be no problem at all. I regularly carried my 35mm with 28-105mm zoom and occassionally 70-300mm zoom, alongside my fullsized Arca Swiss Monorail inside my Sundog backpack. I also regularly carried 4 large format lenses: a 65mm Ilex Acugon (ie Super Angulon); a Fuji 125mm; a Fuji 250mm and a 360mm Tele Xenar. And I carried a ten pound tripod on the side of Backpack.
    I've since moved onto a Safrotto M8 that's humogous and ideal for carrying 35mm and large format together- but is heavy as the dickens. It weighs about 11 pounds, but has very good back support and suspension (think Tenba PBH not Lowe Super Trekker). If I knew it was available at the time, I definitely think I would have prefered the Safrotto M7, which is exactly like the M8-sans the top compartment. My guess is that's gotta subtract at least 2lbs right there. But for $150 I aint complaining too much.
    My guess however is you wouldn't need anything this large. A Tenba p264 or Lowe Photo Trekker should be more than adequate for a Speed Graphic and 35mm camera.
  5. I carry a Contax TVS II with my 4x5 field camera. I also cary a set of B&W filters, and a spare battery for it. This all takes very little space. I have also backpacked with the 4x5 and a Leicas M6 with a 50mm Summicron. My recommendations is a small point and shoot of high quality or a digital of similar fashion.

  6. I've put 55mm lens filter rings on all of my LF gear, so my 35 camera filters would work on them. It saves a lot of space when packing having only one set of filters for all my cameras.
  7. The old Speed Graphic cases look like a toolbox; ie 9x11x19; another is 9x14x18 inches; and will hold a 3x4 speed; a 4x5 speed; giant bowl flash; and several film holders in one case alone. My 4x5 stuff fits in two of these cases; I have several lenses. My 35mm stuff is packed for a specfic job; and uses other cases.<br><BR>Lighting equipment really can get bulky too! Sometimes regular tool boxes are used; with extra padding as required for fragile items<BR><img src="">
  8. ..but gadzooks!!! What lens is that hanging off the front of your Speed, Kelly?

    That's the most outrageous/cool thing I've seen all month! :) Makes my old Radar look positively undersized... waaaaaaaaaaaah.

  9. Domke F2 bag. Use the 35mm to meter your shots instead of a light meter.
  10. Bill I have an F2 and I can put the speed and My M6 with a few lenses but i can't carry my Slr's with the speed (with lenses attached). Also I can't imagine carrying this on my shouder ona days hike. A back pack seems to be the ticket.
  11. A med. Alice pack works for me. I can pack my full 35mm kit which includes body, 28-80 zoom, 50mm, and 100-300zoom, as well as 8 film holders, my Super graphic, and a three lens kit including filters. I could even fit more if I had the back for it.
  12. My normal gear includes an MPP mk7 4x5 metal field camera and 3 lenses, grafmatics, rfh's, Nikon FE2 35mm and usually 3 lenses plus filters etc. If I am concentrating on one format the lens count goes up a bit. It all fits into one bag. Tripod extra.
  13. Kelly, I am curious too... It seems to be a Kodak 210 ?
  14. Sorry.. Keyboard mistake. I mean 203. Ektar ?
  15. I am in the same boat with you Sam.

    I have a big 35mm system. nikon f5 , 70-200/2.8 lots of other lenses and gadgets. and i like bringing them along when i have my LF with me.
    35mm gear goes into the Lowepro mini trekker which i think will be upgraded to a bigger bag and mini trekker will be assigned to carry my crown graphic and film holders and stuff.
    right now, my LF sits in a rather small and uncomfortable no name shoulder bag.
    funny thing, i haven't touched my 35mm in ages since i bought the Graflex... LF is a crazy format!!!
    have fun..
  16. I do what David does. Everything in its own padded pouch and put into a regular backpack. One day I will get a backpack with proper support, and proper thethers for a heavy tripod. I always take way too many lenses for both systems. I use the 35mm as my lightmeter.
  17. I allways bring my Leica M6 with the Summicron 35 on it, regardless of what other cameras i use for the moment. Fits very nicely in just about any pocket, comes in handy for thoose handhold shots that is a wee bit cumbersome with a Sinar and doubles as a lightmeter if my Seconic goes belly up (never happend, but anyway).
  18. I use the F64 BPX backpack to carry my 8x10 field camera & all accessories. The pack comes with tons of dividers that you can modify to fit your gear. It's a huge pack with lots of room. You'd have no problem fitting all of your gear in it. It's pretty reasonably priced as well. I called the factory and bought directly from them. I believe it was under $200. The pack comes with two removable pouches that are sized for 4x5 film holders. I use them to carry water. A couple cans of beer fit in nicely as well.
  19. I'll third the "WTF" question foe Kelly. All I can make out is that it's made by Eastman, and it looks like 300-something mm. Unfortunately, seeing it gives me the bad feeling that a good 8x10 lens is being wasted on a 4x5 with no movements.

    I carry my slightly restricted Bronica ETRS (6x4.5) rig, accessories, filters, water, food and 8x10 film holders and other 8x10 stuff in a hiking backpack. Then the 8x10 (Cambo 810N) on the tripod gets thrown over my shoulder, with the darkcloth under it. I can make it a few miles each way up a mountain trail.

    On one occasion this past November, I had the backpack, the 8x10 on one shoulder (with tripod, 29 pounds) AND my Domke F1X with the full Bronica kit, accessories, Nikon 35mm kit, Minolta 35mm kit, etc. (~31 pounds) on the other shoulder. It was about 75 pounds total, I weigh 144.

    I made it five city blocks in Boston, got two shots (one was pretty nice), and then staggered back to the hotel.

    Once I got home, I posted an ad looking for an 8x10 field camera.

    Yes, I'm insane. But I'm in high school, and I've got the rest of my life to save up the money for a Canham.
  20. I've had great success using a Lowepro Topload Zoom chest harness/pack. It doesn't hold much 35mm gear, but with
    the rest in a couple of lens cases on the waistbelt of my
    backpack (which has the 4x5 equipment, of course), I can
    carry a well rounded arsenal. And it keeps the load pretty well balanced around my body. I can't fit any BIG glass in this setup,
    but I don't own any, so not a big problem.

  21. The secret to a Speed Graphic is minimize the other equipment you are hauling around. Hence, the Speed (4x5, 3x4, or 2x3) goes in the back section of a small pack, with a the film holders in ziplocks next to it. The darkcloth goes folded on top. In the front section goes all the parapanalia, no not that kind, like filters, extra lens, meter when it's not hanging round my neck, loupe. In the very front (small pocket) goes my Kodak Retina II which folds up nicely and a couple roll of 35mm film. Over my shoulder goes a small Targus camera bag that just holds one 120 folder and 4 rolls of film.

    Not for everyone, but this doesn't weigh all that much. I carry my tripod over my shoulder and go for my hikes that way.

    tim in san jose
  22. I doubt many people carry a 35mm system along with large format, note most of the responders carry one small body and lens which can really fit anywhere. Full scale 35mm with an array of lens is really too cumbersome to carry with LF and really detracts from the creativity and thought process involved in LF.

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