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  1. I recently bought a Rolleiflex 3.5F and would like to get a strap for it. But not a neck strap; I want a kind of carry handle.

    I found this:
    Limited Edition for the Rolleiflex TLR - Deadcameras
    It is kind of exactly what I want, but it is too expensive for my taste.

    I wonder would anyone know if it's possible to have one of the Fotodiox straps shortened to carry-handle length?
    Neck / Shoulder Strap for Rollei/Rolleiflex TLR (Twin Lens Reflective) Cameras - Nylon Webbing
    Neck / Shoulder Strap for Rollei/Rolleiflex TLR (Twin Lens Reflective) Cameras - Genuine Leather

    The other thing I found is the "Gimme Grip Strap" from OP/TECH USA:
    Gimme Grip Strap™
    It looks like it could work, but the downside is that I find it kind of ugly.

    Any other ideas?
  2. Any strap that uses a loop and half-hitch instead of a D ring can be threaded through the Rollei's strap bracket. I use an Op-Tech strap on mine, which can be shortened to a hand strap.
  3. I've got one of the Fotodiox nylon straps for my 3.5F. Upon inspection it appears that it can easily be adjusted to any length required. Note that this is the so called scissors strap - you really need one of those for a 3.5F, as plain straps will not fit.
  4. Thanks John. The Fotodiox website says that the strap has "Adjustable Length from 19in (48cm) to 41in (104cm)", but essentially you are saying it can be adjusted shorter than this? If that's the case, I think I will get the Fotodiox nylon strap, cut the excess strap length off, and maybe burn the end of the strap to stop it fraying.
  5. I'm sorry Colin, you are right, the length is limited to around 19 inches by the shorter of the two sections of the strap. All i can suggest is doubling it over and somehow binding or taping the layers together to form the handle, as in the attached picture. But I'm not sure how this wouldn't impede the opening and use of the viewing hood.

  6. As an alternative to a strap I have always found a monopod with Rolleifix to be the carrying method of choice for me.
  7. I have an MPP 5"x4" Microtechnical that has lugs for a handstrap. The original leather strap had decayed to the point it no longer looked safe to use.

    My solution was to buy a leather dog-collar the right width to fit through the lugs. It did the job perfectly and still does after around 40 years of use. So my advice would be to pay a visit to a pet store!
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