Carnival in Venice; Workshop (more dates)

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  1. Carnival of Venice-Carnevale di Venezia 2018

    Saturday, January 27 - Tuesday, February 13

    Imagine yourself in the early morning mist of Saint Mark’s Square, known as Piazza San Marco. There you will enjoy the beautiful morning light; light like nowhere on earth experiencing the most elaborate artistic masks in the most secret locations during this world famous celebration. You will have near perfect freedom for your quest without the high tourist traffic and in unique times of day or night working in various light conditions…

    Workshop Feb. 1-2-3-4: The flight of the Angel phase in St. Mark Square phase, (2.4.18)

    Workshop Feb. 6-7-8-9: The Shrove Thursday phase, (2.13.18)

    Workshop Feb. 11-12-13-14: The Mardi Gras or Martedi’ Grasso phase, (2.13.18)

    Cost of the workshop is: 1,500 euro p.p.
    Each of our photography workshops are limited in size to maximize your experience and learnings, (min. 2, max. 6;
    Please note your partner will be our welcome guest).
    Workshop Fee includes: workshop activities, three days ticket for public transport in Venice, meeting room fee, model fees, transportation tickets to and from picturesque Burano and Torcello; one dinner (wine, water and coffee per person are included) in a typical Venetian restaurant; and, one gondola ride in the breathtaking Venetian Lagoon.

    Workshop fee doesn't include: travel costs, meals and lodging; these are at your discretion. If you need help with hotel suggestions, feel free to contact me.

    For more detailed information, just contact me by email, if really interested.

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