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  1. Do any of our U.K. members know anything about Carmarthen Cameras, apparently in Wales? I wish to purchase a camera from them (Wales to U.S.) and have sent two emails that have gone unanswered, Not only that, but their website has no provision for ordering from the U.S.
    I'd call these people overseas, but with unanswered email, I'm reluctant to spend the money for the call. They have the following web address: . Help is appreciated.
  2. If any web based business failed to respond to emails I would avoid them. Is there any particular reason you wish to purchase in the UK, gear is usually cheaper in the US (lucky devils) but there are many good UK dealers who would probably respond to you.
  3. Well if you sent the mails after mid-morning yesterday they may have been closed, it's Sunday today.
    We're Open: Monday to Saturday 9am to 5pm

    It's not really the location for a dodgy establishment though. Their site looks genuine enough and Google Maps streetview confirms their bricks and mortar existence.
  4. There are more sheep in Carmarthenshire than people but the precious few there are all good. It seems Clive is probably right about his wool. It has been a very wet weekend and I assume they are all at home eating their Welsh Rarebit and listening to Songs of Praise. Expect an answer early next week.
  5. The few times I've bought from them (used cameras) the items were as described and arrived the next day.

    Since you're on the unfashionable side of the Pond anyway, can you not get what you want from KEH, Adorama, or B&H?
  6. Thanks to all who replied. I'll fill in some of the details.
    This has been going on for a couple of weeks now and there have been two emails. No, I do not remember what days of the week I sent the emails. but any business could be expected to come in on Monday morining and take care of the weekend's mail.
    What I am after is not more expensive there, especially subtracting VAT. However, by the time I pay conversion rates and fees, along with overseas Royal Mail, it will be more expensive. Nevertheless, he has exactly what I am after and KEH, et al., do not.
  7. Try or B&H video for the best USA web site stores on the web
    last but least is
  8. I've bought a couple of items from Camarthen Cameras, a pair of Mamiya TLR lenses and a Nikon 105mm telephoto lens, and they have always been fine in my experience.
  9. George, I have drawn Carmarthen Cameras attention to this thread and they told me they have replied to you and the delay was due to staff shortage. cheers - Colin
  10. Thanks to all, especially Colin. They replied this AM (Monday) to yesterday's new email. They were nice enough, but so much time had passed that the item was already sold. Its hard to find a Minolta Autocord in mint condition for a reasonable price these days.
  11. My experiences with Carmarthen Camera have been not good. Slow response for e-mails, grading system was not accurate, used list not update (this is common problem with many other stores), problems with their internet based order system. For me it was real hassle and time wasting to try order from this store. Sad, because there was some items what I like to order.

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