carl zeiss sonnar 180 f2.8

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  1. i found a option to buy this lens and modify it for the use with Pentax 67, but since i saw that there are different versions of this lens, is
    there anything particular i should be checking?
    or are some of the version a no go?

  2. My first concern would be image coverage... will this lens (made for 56x56mm film) cover 6x7 (55x70mm)? I suspect there would be a problem here.
  3. The 180mm Sonnar f/2.8 was originally made for 35mm Contax rangefinder mount, as I recall, not 56mm x 56mm.
  4. afaik coverage is not an issue, i read it easily covers 6x7, i was referring more to if some of the models of the lens are a no
    go, bc it was a bad batch, or bad glass used. thanks :)
  5. I think the best person to answer your questions would be the poster of the conversion on manual focus lenses.
  6. Harvey & J Buck,
    Look for the later version beyond the ZEBRA Stripe version of this fantastic lens. I have (2) older Olympia Pre-Set that was adapted for Hasselblad 2000/200 series body.
    I seen the Rollei SL66 HFT lenses modified for the Pentax 6X7. Even a Pentax 6X7 to mount all Hasselblad V Lenses!
    I recently had a late Zeiss 180mm2.8 Sonnar MC modified for my Rollei SL66. AS for the Pentax 6X7, whomever will be doing the conversion, you would have to ask the machinist/repairmen directly. I think its possible.
  7. I used the final, multicoated CZ Jena version (labelled MC Sonnar) in its native 6x6 mount and with an adapter on Mamiya 645s. I've never heard of a "bad" batch of this lens, but the multicoating should help with contrast.
    For Pentax 67 use, you are definitely looking at a custom mount-hacking job, because the lens barrel needs to be cut down in order to accomodate the longer flange distance of the Pentax body.
    I wonder though, will the results be so much different to the well regarded native 165mm f2.8 for the Pentax?
  8. I have upload some recent jpegs of my hacked lens to illustrate the recent modified CZJ 120mm Biometar MC & CZJ 180mm Sonnar MC for my Rollei SL66.

  9. i was shooting against the sun on 35mm cam. was terrible. had contax 180/2.8 is like day and night.
    i had a discussion with someone which had to leave contax/Zeiss for nikon(i still have contax system and eos DSLR 1000D). he told under difficult light zeiss is better. but meanwhile nikon also has better lenses, so has sigma.
    regarding vignetting. the speedier and longer the 35mm lens the better the chance it will cover 6x7 without light-fall of even fully open. ok at least in viewfinder....THE BOKEH FACTORY on FB is doing such conversions.
    i compared 80mm/2.8 biometar with zeiss /C/Y)85mm/1.4(i also have 2.8) biometar is soft. precise tests will be done when optixpcb-adapter is in house. some old aspherical lens on APS-C: Wow even fully open!

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