Carl Zeiss Jena Camera Lens Tessar 2.8/80 -- which mount?

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by g-man|1, Feb 25, 2006.

  1. There is a current ebay auction for :
    Carl Zeiss Jena Camera Lens Tessar 2.8/80
    Item number: 7592331609

    Is this for contax rf mount?
  2. Looks just like an M42 lens that I have.
  3. Here's a link:
  4. Probably not. This is a post-WWII coated lens from CZJ; postwar Contax lenses came from Oberkochen. The VM suggests it was made for Exakta 66 and Praktisix.

    Kinda hard to be sure from just front views of the lens, though.
  5. SCL


    Send a note to the seller with your question - it is a form of protection strongly encouraged on Ebay.
  6. Dan nailed it!
  7. It's an early post-WWII lens. It can be eithe Exakta, M42 or Practina mount. The lens barrel is too long for a medium format (P6 and derivatives) mount.

    Unfortunately, can't determine the mount from the picture. It could be speculated on appearance of the rear lens cap, but I'd prefer to contact the seller.

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  8. The P6, Exakta 66 and Hasselblad 1000 Tessar 2.8/80 were much shallower. Looks like the lens for the Exakta 35mm see this listing:
    but probably there were M42 and other versions as well.

    BTW CJZ did in fact make post-war lenses for the Contax RF - indeed in the early post-war period they supplied West German Zeiss with some lenses until the West got their production problems sorted out.
  9. That's correct. Zeiss-Oberkochen started very early manufacturing lenses for Contax RF, but some of their catalogues in the 50s still listed Contax RF lenses made by CZJ - sometimes without mentioning their origin.

    Lenses for Contax RF were still made by CZJ when the production of the camera body was completely transferred to the former USSR and continued in Kiev.

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