Caring for leather bag bellows - Calumet/Cambo

Discussion in 'Large Format' started by robert_dermer, Oct 27, 2004.

  1. Just bought a used Calumet/Cambo leather bag bellows from KEH. Are
    there any "conditioners" I should use on the leather bellows to keep
    it suple? Thanks for yout time.
  2. Lemon Pledge; Lexol; neatsfoot oil used sparingly.
  3. Or Meltonian Leather Cream. Use on your shoes unless they are scuffed, in which case you touch up withe effected area with color polish and finish with Leather cream.

    Bee Natural Leathercare beats anything else including Neet`s Foot, but you have to order by phone. They have a website. Works on watchbands, shoes, belts, leather furnature, car seats, and bellows. I purchase a gallon at a time.
  4. As a motorbiker I 'd use the same as for my clothes. I suppose fat is the most important content.
  5. If there is any stitching best avoid compounds which are petroleum based as they'll tend to rot the stitching. Also check with the manufacturer to see if your bellows has any kind of waterproof coating like sillycone applied since you'll probably not want to use anything that could be incompatible. Neatsfoot oil(pure,not the compound,) glycerin, mink oil, beeswax(not parrafin,)lanolin, Corona(not the beer--you can drink that while you're applying the grease) Udderbutter, and Hoof Alive are all tried and true favorites. If you're worried about varmints munchin' on your leather when you're out on the dusty trail slap some castor oil on your bellows you'll sure change those critter's minds in a hurry!.

  6. wow! thanks everyone!

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