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  1. Found a camera called Carena Computer II, does anyone have
    information on this camera?
  2. An M42 SLR built by Cosina for Revue or Porst?
  3. Possibly a Petri Computor II, early 70's rangefinder with a Seiko electronic shutter and a 40mm f1.7 lens. Uses two 640 batteries. A lot of Petri products were made for sale by Carena, primarily in Europe. Do you have a photo?
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    In the latest McKeowns Price guide:

    there are two possibilities both as stated above. One the on hand there is a camera listed as a Carena Computer (note the e in computer)it does not how ever list a II version of this camera. It is a SLR.

    And the above mentioned Petri rangefinder who's name in the book is listed as Petri Computor II (note the o in computor) it does not how ever list any name variations.

    So is your camera a rangefinder or a SLR based on that alone you could chose which source of the camera is most likely.
  5. Have looked more closely on the camera, it says computor II on it,it has black body seems to be the same camera as petri. Thanks for your help. Eb
  6. i have the saaame problemm!
    i found a carena computer II, it was previously my parents. but i got new batteries and some film seems to be working but havent printed off any photos yet. seems like a cool camera but doesnt seem to be that 'popular'? it would be fantastic for any info about it?! is theyre any lenses you can buy still for sale?! i will try to add a photo of it as well , but any info or websites would be fantaastiic !! thanks!
  7. Arna, judging from the picture, your Carena is probably a clone of Petri Computor III, which also has a 38mm f/2.7 lens. Petri Computor II would be equipped with a 40 f/1.7 lens instead.
    Funny how Petri insists on spelling it "Computor", while Carena begs to differ!

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