Care to see a great $8 purchase?

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by rick waller, Jul 12, 2006.


    I was skeptical when I ordered these for my D2x and D2h. They arrived
    yesterday, I installed them (took 10 minutes) and they look like a terrific

    Haven't had a chance to test the durability of the product, but it just can't
    be worse than the piece of cr*p LCD cover that Nikon supplies with the cameras.

    And these will not fall off, nor will dirt and condensation (from your breath)
    get underneath the things.

    And for $7 each plus shipping - how far wrong can you go?
  2. Does the adhesive go around the edges of the screen? They don't have D200 covers in
    stock (surprise) but I am interested.

    I cracked the edge of my protector in the first week! (thank God for Screen Protectors!!)
  3. The device comes with a supply of adhesive strips which you place along the edges of the protector and then press the protector onto the camera body.

    First thing I was concerned about was the effect of the adhesive strips on the lcd screen. I played with the strips a bit; they are VERY narrow and they can be removed from the camera body without any effect on the lcd screen. But they are strong enough that the device will not just fall of on its own like the plastic Nikon cover always does.

    The adhesive does not actually go onto the lcd screen itself; just hugs the edges. All told, it seems like a pretty good system. AS i mentioned, I have just installed it and can't vouch for the durability and anti-scratch nature of the new cover, but hey, for $8, you can just get a new one if it becomes too scratched. My Nikon cover is so damned scratched that it interfered with viewing the images on the lcd screen anyway.
  4. Will this work on d50 as well?
  5. Another idea might be to use transparent iPod screen protecting film. Those products don't require adhesive - they just stay on statically (or some such thing). They are not complicated to remove but from what I've seen they won't just fall off.
  6. Karim - I have used those static stick on protectors and they are not nearly as effective as the product I recommended. First - they are a bitch to get placed on the lcd screen without air bubbles, they are not as optically clear as this piece of acrylic, they do indeed fall off from friction in a tightly packed bag if rubbed against - BUT most importantly, the thin film that you refer to offer ZERO protection to the LCD screen. The product I am speaking of is thick, tough acrylic and is probably better at protecting the lcd screen than the piece of cr*p plastic doodad that Nikon supplies.

    The more I reread my posts - the more I sound like a shill for the product. I am not - I have no financial interest at all in this thing, but I wish I did. I just am impressed by the simplicity and usefulness of the damned thing. And at that price? When was the last time you ever spoke about a Nikon accessory and $6.00 in the same sentence???
  7. The D200 doesn't really need these. The OEM LCD cover just stays on. Even when I try to take it off, it puts up quite a fight.
  8. My D200 cover has stayed on going through Idaho, Morocco and Egypt without trouble. My D70 cover was almost lost several times in Japan. I put a hot glue bead around the D70 to prevent the cover coming off and haven't had a problem since. It looks like hell and has to be replaced every year. Not bad for 2 minutes of work.

    Cool idea for a product, though.
  9. agreed. The d200 cover stays on tight. The only complaint is that small dust DOES get underneath it. I take it off every week and clean it during my weekly camera cleaning (yes I'm crazy). The cover falling off thing must have been a problem on older Nikon models.

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