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  1. There were Capture One versions for Canon and Fujifilm equipment allready, but for Nikon users there was "just"the "general"version.

    Now there is als a specific for Nikon version :
    Capture One for Nikon

    It is'nt cheap, but APS is more expensive.
    Haven't seen any tests yet though..
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  2. One of the reasons I didn't purchase Capture One is that some of the lenses that I use are missing from its lens profile collection. Hopefully a Nikon-specific version of the software means they will also add more lens correction profiles over time.
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  4. I switched to Capture One Pro v12 back in October of last year. I never upgraded to Capture One 20, suspecting it to be buggy. It's proven to be a very buggy product. The online (subscription) version seems worse; I'm on a few of their forums. That said, the v12 version (which had been around for a while) is amazing, stable, faultless and has many more options to work with you pictures than LightRoom. For instance, layers, better color control, luma range masking etc. But the thing that sold me initially was the RAW engine. The way Capture One renders a RAW (NEF) file from Nikon is just head and shoulders above what LR does to a picture right out of the gate. Holy batman noise control! Capture One is not as good in file management and rolling back to previous edits of a picture; it requires a few extra steps. But you can also get away from catalogues and split up your picture library into whatever configuration and location(s) you want as the edits are carried in sub folders to your RAW files and not bound to the program. It's a far more difficult program to get up to speed with quickly though. That said, I'll never go back. Back last year a license was around $400 for a full pro versionI think and now prices seem to have gone nuts. The Capture One stand alone license is $184 it seems, which is a steal if you only use Nikon.
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