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Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by acm, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. acm


    My 60 day trial for Caoture NX2 is over. Now I am at a loss how to buy it. Nowhere on their site there is any option for
    this. Can anyone throw some light?
  2. In USA -
  3. : )

    just kidding..
  4. Nikon or which will de cheaper or B&H or ADORAMA
  5. Patrick, no need to kid about Lightroom, excellent choice if you want the second best!
  6. funny things is is ask last month for a raw image, that a user will developed in NX2 if he know it really well,
    and send me the same raw file that i will developed using Lr 2 so whe can compare both software equally, with the
    same image, from 2 different software that whe both think its the best.

    never receive that image, maybe i freak the guy or he didtn want to know witch one was the best afterall : )

    Feel free to contact me if by any chance you want to see what kind of quality you could get from both software
    when a user really know what he can do.

    Im really curious to see, because eveytime someone said that NX is better the main reason is the lack of
    knowledge in Lr, or the lack of automatic setting for is particular image..that NX does on a nikon raw
    file..normal from the manufacturer!?
  7. I dunno, Patrick, that test might say more about the abilities of the operator than the abilities of the individual programs. ;o)
  8. well, since no one seem to be comfortable with both, i think it could be fair to see what a NX user can do with is file, and what a Lr user could do with the same file? To see what can both knowledgeable user can do with the same file but with there prefered software. From there, i expect the file from NX to be the better one, since all NX user complain about the poor quality of would be fair to see if they are right?

    i have done the same test with genuine fractal and cs3 to see witch one was better for interpolation, i would like to see what about NX vs LR : )

    anyone up for it? common dont be shy ; )
  9. I'd love to be a spectator, but, I'm afraid my skills don't reach the contest level, so I won't be participating. :eek:)
  10. Patrick

    Why not download the trial version of NX2 and see for yourself.
  11. 1_because i dont shoot with a nikon, so i dont have a nikon raw available.

    2_because im not a expert at NX, so it would be easy for me to say that is a s*** software vs Ligthroom, therefore doing the same as the NX user vs Lr..

    Are you a Nikon guy? would you like to help me with my experimentation?
  12. I shoot Nikon but I use Photoshop. I have NX for problem files not NX2. I tried lightroom but did not like the user interface. I guess I have been using Photoshop to long.
    I would be happy to send you a NEF file to play with but I understand your reservations.
    The first thing you would notice about the UI of NX is it kind of sucks. IMO.
    But in my experience with NX if I have a file I screwed up on and can not get it right in ACR NX will usually save the shot. But it is slow and full of bugs
  13. Well it kind of describe NX as i know it 5 years ago : )

    What i need is someone with NX2 (to compare the latest version of both software) and a nice well exposed shot that is in focus. and another one let say *problem* shot that only NX2 could save let say..that way whe will cover all the area; the good shot well developed, and a bad one rescue.

    Strange thing Michael is if you like ACR (latest version?) its the same as Lr 2..but with a black background : )
  14. Hey Patrick, I was only kidding too, but you raise an interesting point. I posted an image for you to try with LR.
    It's a 17mb D2X RAW image. - - give it a try.
  15. Sorry Apurva if this thread suddenly become a NX2 vs LR2 one...

    but Don had the good answer, that im sure you already try : )
  16. Don, I don't about anyone else, but that link does not produce an image here.
  17. Patrick, I have an image that I could not finish in Aperture 2. The sky is blown in some areas, and there was not sufficient
    dodging in Aperture to save the shot. Do you wanna give it a try? I can send you the raw file, and Aperture 2 will open it.
  18. Carl, don't you get the option to download the image after you click on the link? You can also right click on the link and select to "save link as"?
  19. When I click on the link, all I get is a page full of code. When I saved it to download, it was an HTML file, that I could not
    open with Capture NX, Aperture 2, or CS 3.
  20. Patrick

    I like ACR very much it is lightroom itself that I am not comfortable with. Like I said I have been using Photoshop for a while. I started out when 5.0 was king.
  21. Carl

    The link worked for me Opened right up in CS3

    850 mm? What lens did you use?
  22. Michael, not on this Mac, CS 3 could not recognize the file type. Capture NX, and Aperture 2 wouldn't even highlight it so
    that it could be opened. It looks like a Windoze file to boot, and I've not yet loaded Windoze on this Mac. ;o)
  23. heres a quick 2min attemp : ) i didtn know if you like it warmer, colder, i play it safe, for a bird shot i think it look good. if you want the hirez tell me i will put it on my ftp.
  24. Anybody see an image in Patrick's post?
  25. i would be interested to see your version, to see what you like, or your point of view : )
  26. "Anybody see an image in Patrick's post?"

    Nevermind, it finally loaded. ;o)
  27. Carl, what the hell append to you? do you suddenly have a g3 or what?! LOL

    do you still run Netscape?!
  28. Carl send the shot, (email me if you prefer) i will see what i can do..with Lr 2 of course : )
  29. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, nope! I'm on a 2.8 GHz iMac, running 10.5.4, Safari 3.1.2, and connected at 19959 kb/s, but I could
    not read that linked image. I didn't try Firefox, but I will. ;o)
  30. Hokay, using Firefox, I saved the image to download, and when I hit open, it opened in CS 3. Only for you Don, I hate
    Firefox! LOL
  31. "Carl send the shot, (email me if you prefer) i will see what i can do..with Lr 2 of course : )"

    The files is being emailed as I write, Patrick. :eek:)
  32. got it, it need a new sky..not just a dodge and burn brush : )
  33. I opened up the mountain in the center, which is actually "The Iao Valley Needle" in Maui, but the best I could do with that
    sky was to darken up some of the clouds on the right, with most of the sky still blown. Talk about a shot with a lot of DR to
    deal with! I didn't have my tripod along, and I did have my wife and a couple of antsy grandkids, or I would have done a 5
    shot bracket sequence, and put it together in Bracketeer. :eek:)
  34. shot done.

    want me to post it here or in your email?
  35. Your choice, but why not do both? I'm anxious to see what you did with it. ;o)
  36. heres it is.. whit a little add on : )
  37. You did great with that sky, Patrick! :eek:)
  38. Michael, 500mm F4 with 1.7X converter.
  39. The exif data doesn't show the converter, but it did show the focal length. Nice shot. :eek:)
  40. Thanks Don

    I could not think of anyone who made a 850 mm lens in F mount
  41. Hi there Patrick,
    Well, I might be able to help you with one of the issues. When I shoot film or digital files I don't get incorrect exposures
    so I have a really well exposed digital file from a D300 in a Nikon electric file (raw) which I would like you to have a go in
    lightroom to see what you can do with it. I have the 60 day trial of NX2 but it is so glitchy. I wouldn't say it is slow. The
    templates and tools are nice but I would like to keep my options open to see if lightroom can give me better results. I
    have CS3 with adobe camera raw and have seen a difference with the quality using ACR verses NX2 but photoshop is
    so much more versatile. I can send you a file tomorrow if you like, I think you may enjoy it. Let me know. I have been
    using photoshop since 5.5 so I am more familiar with it.
    Best regards,
  42. I have Light Room...I have Aperture I have Cs3 and I have NX2...

    That fact is Nx2 does things relative to nikon raw files which none of the above do...

    It is not a replacement to LR, aperture ..or cs3...but when I shoot with my Nikon rig i run the raw files through NX2 before anything...
  43. Todd what is your workflow for NX2?
  44. it's such a shame... not only in this thread, but in other forums as well. i keep finding, and it's true for me as well, that it's all a multilayered workflow with multiple apps from different companies.

    i use Bridge for transferring,organizing and tagging, i use NX2 for NEF editing and i use CS3 to fine tune. on top of that, i end up using a 3rd party noise reduction plug-in.

    i suppose if i weren't shooting in NEF, i could bypass NX2, but i don't like the idea of not fully using what my camera is fully capable of. on top of that, there have been dozens of times when i've been able to *save* some shots that would've been toast if shot in JPG.

    i did try out LR2, and i still have ViewNX (as well as Nikon Transfer) on my computer... but i'm trying to get down to two programs (ideally just one), i just don't see that to be the case at present though. i suppose, in an odd way, i'm glad to know that i'm not alone.
  45. As tyou can see im the only one who post the image that i have developped in Ligthroom..i didtn see any yet from Nx2...

    Maybe Todd your the one i was waiting for; when you say "That fact is Nx2 does things relative to nikon raw files which none of the above do" i would like to know what? but more importantly see it from my own eye..would you be agree to send me a file that you have developped using Nx2 only, and show me what could be done in it that other cant do, post it, and i will developped it in Lr and see if i can get similar or better result from it.

    Its when i read "That fact is Nx2 does things relative to nikon raw files which none of the above do" that make me really curious..

    let me know by email when i should expect your raw file, i will of course not use it for my personal use reputation worth more than that.
  46. Hashim why don you use than only Ligthroom and handle everything in it? than use your external plugin in
    Photoshop to remove the unwamted noise (or simply shoot at a lower ISO) after. 2 program as you ask.

    nobody force you to buy all kind of software and have a difficult workflow form them : )
  47. I have been testing NX2 and LR2 for almost two months. I like LR two better because I have a lot of images to deal with
    quickly for proofing. NX2 is great for running a black and white batch from jpg after working on them in LR. I also like the
    upoint technology for certain images but I haven't had much luck with it trying to do numerous files or even many
    adjustments to one image.
  48. Just to add to the confusion, I'm about to jump on LightZone, yet another editor. It has some easy to use, and very
    powerful tools, which can be used selectively in different areas of an image. One can watch some videos of the tools by
    going to the website below.
  49. Just to encourage:
    dcraw+PhotoResampling (sorry, I use Canon)
  50. Jacopo, much warmer and much more saturated. This is how I like it, but perhaps not everyone else agrees. :eek:)
  51. Carl you migth want to see this link to get Ligthzone for free..almost : )
  52. best of it (i forgot) is you buy this bundle for 50$, and you upgarde your basic ligthzone for 90$..cost you 140$ to get the full ligthzone, for the price of the regular basic..pretty cool.
  53. Patrick, how do you think I got it? ;o)
  54. i will give try (again) to see how well it work with Lr.
  55. Todd, still waiting for your explanation and file : )

    *everytime i want people to comfirmed what they say and prove it with a example they backup....i wont bite!? i just want people to get a real test so they can get real information.

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