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  1. Does Capture NX2 work with Win 7? In the Nikon Store for
    Capture NX2 specs, Nikon lists Vista as compatible & Win
    7 is not mentioned. Win 7 is based on Vista but is quicker,
    in my experience.
  2. I use it on Win 7 every day. Works great.
  3. Works great for me also, really, really great with a 64bit system.
    Go to the above link and click on Capture NX2. You will see that Win 7 is listed in either 32 bit or 64 bit. If you have Win 7, download ver 2.3.0 and then the upgrade 2.3.2. Make sure you download the correct version, 32 bit or 64 bit, that matches your win 7 version. It is free for 60 days.
    I use it all the time in my win 7 64 bit pcs.
    I also use Nikon View nx2 as a browser. It is free.
    Joe Smith
  5. Without wanting to hijack the thread, this is a perfect example of how Nikon's website for Software seems very badly updated indeed. The info might be there, but not where it should be.
    Are cameras and lenses getting ALL the R&D money? Whoever 'runs' software either needs a budget or a rocket!
    Assuming Nikon wants to remain the DSLR maker of choice, it better do some work with it's software and info on it's web site
    EG. With Camera Control Pro 2...
    Yup, no Windows 7. Works with 64 Bit OS? Nope, not even mentioned. Hopeless.
    Average Customer Rating [​IMG] 2.2 / 5 Based on 32 Reviews Rating Breakdown 5 Stars x 6
    4 Stars x 3 3 Stars x 2 2 Stars x 1 1 Star x 20 38% of customerswould recommend this product.
    And it's yours for £130 0r $200!! Canon provide there tether software free :-(
    Oh, and if you want the Nikon Europe view, go here...
    Worse, much much worse. Try it and go find any helpful info.....ANY! No links what-so-ever...
  6. Nikon have a terrible record with their software especially Capture NX2. I use it OK with Win 7 on a desktop (32 bit) and a laptop (64 bit). However, it is still full of bugs and can fall over at crucial times. Moreover, their customer relations are terrible! It took a letter to the head of the company in Japan just to get a reply from Nikon UK!
    I don't know how Canon and other manufacturers do things but Nikon needs to put it's house in order.
  7. I consider Vista a "beta" version of Windows 7. Total garbage.
    Capture NX2 (64bit) runs great in Win7 64, but be certain you use it on decent hardware. I run it on an i5 with 4 gigs of ram and a mid level video card (nVidia GeForce 460 with 1 gig DDR5 video ram) with no issues. For many reasons I would suggest a min of 8 gigs of system ram on a box that does any graphics work, but this would be true for CS# and Lightroom as well as NX2. I have no issues with 4 gigs, but I'm not working with D800 raw files either ...
    I love the results I get with Capture NX2, but Nikon software is crap. The great results are barely worth the pain of learning and using this non-intuitive, poorly organized, piece of garbage. Do yourself a favor and go buy Lightroom 4 (or anything else for that matter) and don't look back.
  8. Yes, it works. It probably runs better in a 64 bit machine. Latest version is 2.3.4. Got it via support pages.
    You can download a test version for 60 days, for free, to see and test it yourself.
  9. Hi, Thanks for the great advice!
    Just purchased Asus G75 with solid state, ssd, 17" screen, & 16 GB of RAM. It's designed for gaming but, with the speed & RAM needed for gaming, becomes a nice image laptop (Asus says it's a notebook). When I loaded Nikon's ViewNX2 which came with my D800, I selected 32 bit & now think I should have selected 64 bit: Is the only option to reload from disk? I didn't see a clickon option when I last checked ViewNX2.
  10. SW from disc! It must be old.
    View NX2 is free, so you can download one from Nikon's website. In some cases it is recommended or needed to first remove 32 bit version before going to 64bit. View NX2 is currently 2.5.1.
  11. CaptureNX2 is OK on Win7 - I wouldn't rate it any higher than OK.
    On a 64 bit system with a 4 core 3+ GHz processor and 8 gig of RAM it takes a seeming age to start up, and opening a D800 NEF file is also quite sluggish. CS5 and ACR 6.7 open the same NEF much more quickly and the interface in ACR is more straightforward, intuitive and sophisticated. I've yet to find out how I can finely tune the sharpening or noise reduction in NX2 as well as I can in ACR.
    On a 32 bit system I still get persistent crashes while trying to save TIFF files in Capture NX2, which is really annoying and has put me off seriously trying to use it.
    Kari, the topic of this thread is Capture NX2, not View NX2 - completely different animals.
  12. Joe, Kari is actually responding to the OPs last post. There is no mistake in mentioning ViewNX2.
    Andy, yes, uninstall ViewNX2 from the Software in the control panel, and then download and install the latest 64-bits version from the Nikon site. For CaptureNX2, likewise, download the latest 64-bits version from there as well. If you already have the product key, it will just accept it - no need to use the CD really.
    Off-topic, almost all large vendors call them notebooks, and not laptops. Reason is that it's actually not really meant to be on your lap - uncomfortable, but also as notebooks can run fairly hot, it can just become really uncomfortable. So, the word notebook is usually prefered to not imply that you should use it on your lap.
  13. Asus G75 is OS 64-bit and when I installed the View NX2 disc which accompanied the D800, I hesitated to select 64-bit and chose 32-bit because when I was looking at Light Room, Photoshop, etc., I recalled that one of them defaulted to 32-bit even for 64-bit. Will reload current version from online. Thanks
  14. Thanks. G75 OS is 64-bit but when I loaded View NX2 disc I selected 32-bit because, when I was looking at Capture NX2, Light Room, Photoshop, etc, I had read that one of them defaulted to 32-bit even on 64-bit. I'll reload current version.
  15. Andy, I use View NX2, 64 bit, as a browser for Capture NX2. I think the browser function in Capture NX2 is not as good as View NX2's. I can access Capture NX2 directly from View NX2 by clicking on the Capture NX2 symbol in the task bar along the top of the screen. The highlighted NEF image goes right into Capture NX2 for editing--quick as a flash.
    At the link I have given in my earlier post, you can download manuals and updates for the manual for Capture NX2, the latest full version, 2.3.0 and the latest update in the US: version 2.3.4.
    For View NX2, the latest full version is 2.5.0 and the latest update is 2.5.1; all from the same link.
    For both products you have the choice in win 7 of 32 bit or 64 bit versions.
    I know others who use View NX2 just for its slide show function. It will run any TIFF or JPEG.
    The most important thing is for you to find software products that works well with the way your brain is wired. For me Lightroom is better than Photoshop. But Capture NX2 is better than Lightroom and it is cheaper and it has Control Points built into it. For Lightroom I had to buy the NIK Vivenza plug in to get control points which is a fantastic product.
    Joe Smith
    Joe Smith
  16. I have both ViewNX2 & Nikon's 2-month demo copy of
    CaptureNX2 & I also like the click-on ease of moving from
    View to CaptureNX2. Using the bicubic interpolation to
    interpolate images is also useful. I'm not only finessing
    my D800 images but also some older D200 images.
  17. I use as well CNX2 and VNX2 on Win7(64). My CPU is an I7, 8Gb RAM, O/S runs on a SSD, graphics is on a high end ATI. CNX2 runs excellent, no hicups, no errors, it is faster or at least on par with LR4.
    In post I use CS5, LR4 and CNX2, depending on the matter at hand. However when it comes down to quality (basic editing of course) I found CNX2 the best.

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