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Discussion in 'Nikon' started by pcg856, Sep 25, 2009.

  1. I just purchased Capture NX2 ,when I try to open a NEF file into the editor I get a warning message saying CAN NOT LOAD FILE. Has any one else come across this problem or know of any solutions to fix this problem? I am running capture on a pc with Vista OS.I uninstalled and reinstalled the program 3 time with the same results.It will open the jpeg but not the NEF , both files are in the same folder.
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    Which Nikon camera body was used to capture that NEF file? If that is a very recent model such as the D3000 or D300s, perhaps your version of NX2 is not yet compatbile with it? Have you attempted to get the latest version of NX2?
  3. Nikon d90 ,It worked fine in trail version on my older pc with XP ,i purchased a new sony and this where i'm at now it only opens jpeg's
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    The D90 has been around long enough that compatiblity shouldn't be an issue. Maybe that particular file is corrupted? Do you have other NEF files from the same camera to try?
  5. I have tied many different files,when I open the folder browser in capture the jpeg photos are visible but the nef files are a blank blue box no image appears in the browser with the nef files
  6. On the bar above the view frame you may have to select which file types you can see. you have a choice of jpg,nef, tiff etc or "all"
    check that the nef or all is selected.
  7. It has to be a problem with Vista I uploaded capture to my older pc running XP and the NEF files open ,I checked for updates it showed none available,I try and reinstall it another when I some time .It's checked to show NEF JPEG AND TIFF
  8. Holy cow ! Anyone using Capture NX2 with Vista with success? I ´m just about to buy and I´m running on pc/Vista too.
  9. I use it on a notebook with Vista occasionally. However, I have increased the memory to a minimum of 2GB. Vista will struggle with only the basic 1GB of memory.
    I also use NX2 on an XP machine with 3+GB and it works well.
    The problem may be either Vista and a Sony pc combination?
  10. I finally got it working working,for some reason it was not loading correctly from the CD,I uninstalled it and then I downloaded the trail version from Nikon website and then added my purchase key and it loading the NEF files now.
  11. Just and FYI, I am running it on a PC with Vista and 8 gb of memory, and it still struggles. However, I have learned to live with it. I have found that processor speed seems to make a big difference with Capture NX2. I overclocked mine by 20% and it appears to struggle less.
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    The problem with consumer software from a CD is that it could have sit on the shelf for months. Always download the latest version from the source and use the key code from the CD to activate.
  13. Pat,
    Just a quick question. Do you have 64 bit Vista installed on your PC?
  14. Mark - Yes I do. 64 bit Vista Ultimate. It is still very 'quirky'. I am hoping that Windows 7 takes care of all of the Vista issues.
  15. Pat,
    I run 32 bit Windows w/4 GB because of printer driver issues. As a computer consultant I need to be compatible with my various clients' printers when I work on-site.
    That being said, I just 'upgraded' from Vista Business to Windows 7 Pro last weekend and find it to be very similar to Vista. I've heard it said that W7 was really Vista SP2 before SP 2 was released. I can't say I had any Vista issues that were in-surmountable. It's been rock stable since early 2008
    Good luck with W7,
  16. Mark - I think my problem is that Nikon has not yet embraced the idea of 64 bit technology. I can live with it the way it is, but it certainly could be much faster.
  17. I'm running vista and have not had any program problems. I also have NX2 installed, so I'll give it a go with NEF files. The 64 bit comment is valid.
  18. I've been running NX2 on Vista for over a year now and it works great. I have not had any problems w/ speed. I do have 4gig of ram, which makes a big difference. If you haven't tried it yet I would also recommend Nikon's transfer utility. It's free and does a good job.
  19. NX2 on vista 32bit home premium 4GB (3GB visible) on fujitsu laptop for 2yrs or so. Runs fine and way faster than lightroom2. There are sometimes issues when I move files/folders around with viewnx while capture nx2 is running.
  20. Paul - How does Nikon's Transfer Utility affect the performance of NX2?
  21. Hi, this is an old thread but I'll give a shot anyway.
    I have the same issue but it's a little bit more complex. For me it seems that the operating system has nothing to do with it. I encounter the same issue with my office pc running on XP and my personal laptop that runs on W7. I shoot with both a D300 (my own) and a D300s (company). I have absolutely not problem reading NEF files coming out of my D300 with Capture NX (1.3) on either PCs but I cannot read them if shot with the D300s again on both computers. My feeling is that it's a camera setting and I've been going through the manual but can't find anything.
    Anybody has any thoughts?

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