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  1. How do you strip the EXIF off a file when you convert it to JPG? There used to be a "safe for web" option, IIRC, but I can't seem to find it in the NX-D version.
    Thanks for your comments.
    - Dan
  2. I could not find such option in Capture NX-D. Why not to use View NX-2, that has such options?
  3. Looks like you can do this with View-NX-I ( companion aplication for NX-D ) using the Export function / options on Export function...
  4. Thank you for the input, I did find the Export function in View.
    Bad news, it does not work, EXIF data remains even after it is stripped off file.
    Oh Nikon ...
  5. Indeed, it seems that View NX2 leaves the exif info despite the option shown. But I notice that at least on my current Vista, if you right click a file, and choose "properties," and then go to the "details" tab, you can create a copy in which all or selected parts of the Exif info are removed.
  6. Indeed, it seems that View NX2 leaves the exif info​
    Not VIEW NX2 but View NX-I which is a newer program from Nikon that works intimately with Capture NX-D.
    Which one did you try ?
  7. View NX-i (version 1.0.0., 64-bit for OS-X) leaves the EXIF in the file even if you select the option to remove it.
  8. I only have View NX2, but figured since it does have the supposed option, it's worth noting that it also does not work.

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