Cape Breton Island National Park Canada

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  1. We're going in July and I wonder if anyone has any specific
    recommendations of "don't miss" photo opportunities in the park. I
    need to decide which hikes to go on and I want to factor this
    information in. Major interests are sea/mountain/cliff scapes and I
    wouldn't mind an odd moose or two. Regarding the west coast (or the
    east, although I understand the west coast is more rugged) of the
    island - are there sites where there are rocks in the water (big
    and/or interesting) near the shore? I want to try some long exposures
    of waves and rocks, something I've had in my imagination for a while.
  2. Don't restrict yourself to the Park. The whole island is beautiful, the people are great and there are some very picturesque towns. The Bras D'Or lakes, part saltwater and part freshwater, are a must. If you're interested in fiddle music, Cape Breton spawns some of the best. The drive across the causeway and up to Halifax takes one by some exceptional scenery. Halifax itself is a nice city, especially in the summer.
  3. If you've got some time, consider taking the ferry from Sydney, on Cape Breton Island, to Port aux Basques or Argentia in Newfoundland:
  4. This link: has great guide for Cape Breton Island. I used it when I was there a number of years ago and found it very useful.
    Douglas Coon
  5. Here's a list of things going on month by month

    Make sure you spend some time in the Margaree Valley and along the North Coast
    of Cape Breton...

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