Capacity of Flexicolor chemicals (C-41)

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  1. I have some doubts about the capacity of C-41 Kodak Flexicolor chemicals. This is the first time I buy these chemicals and process C-41, so I want to be sure about it. I use a 600 ml Paterson tank which can process two rolls.

    Feel free to answer any of the questions.


    1) The developer is easy. I use it and discard it, so I have no doubts about it. When I expose two rolls, I prepare 600 ml of developer using syringes.

    2) Bleach, Fixer, Final Rinse: How many times can they be used? A Kodak paper says that a quart/liter of any of them can be used for ten 35mm rolls. Is it like this or do you use them more times? Do I have to add time to Bleach and Fixer processes every time I develop or it is not necessary?

    3) I have a 1 liter bottle of Bleach (used pure). But I have prepared a 720 ml of Fixer, one half water, one half Fixer, so how many rolls could this bottle fix? (Maybe next time I should prepare 1 liter of Fixer, to make it easier.)

    4) Is there for Flexicolor Fixer a test like the one used in B&W fixer, calculating the double of the clearing time? What calculation must be done?

    5) Kodak says in its Flexicolor paper that solutions of Bleach, Fixer and FR must be used ideally for no longer than 8 weeks once prepared. I use the Bleach pure, so I don’t think it could be considered a solution. But my bottle of Fixer would be a mixed solution, because it is half water, half fixer. So should I discard the fixer by now? I prepared it like 7 months ago (and by the way, yesterday I used it, without knowing this, and it seemed to work fine). Also, if the 1:1 Fixer is only good for 8 weeks, this would be different from the B&W fixer I use, which lasts much longer, as far as I remember.

    6) So far, I have been using the Final Rinse one-shot, just like I do with Photoflo in B&W. But apparently it could be used more times? Should I prepare one liter and use it for 10 rolls?


    7) How longer can each of the four chemicals be used after the expiration date indicated in the bottle?

    In my case, the Bleach I am using has already expired. The Fixer expires this month, 11/17, and I still have a lot and I don’t shoot too frequently. The Developer and FR expire by mid-2018.
  2. When using 250ml with 35mm single roll tanks, or proportionally more for more rolls, I believe it is three rolls, with increased time for successive rolls.

    The developer is the only one that can't be corrected later. If you under bleach, or under fix, redo later with good chemistry.

    Also, redo stabilizer after any such reprocessing.

    To get full use of bleach, you need to aerate (oxidize) it between (or during) use.

    Ammonium based fixers have shorter lifetime, unless you check and correct the pH.

    Mostly, I don't worry (for non-professional use) about age for factory sealed packages.
  3. I don't understand. Three rolls? For which chemical?

    Have you ever used Flexicolor chemicals at home, with a small tank? With a liter of fixer or bleach, how many rolls would you process?

    Okay, thank you.

    How do you aerate (oxidize) bleach?

    OK, thanks.

  4. I did some C-41 about 30 years ago, with Unicolor chemistry.

    It came as liquid concentrates, so I could mix up 8 fl. oz. at a time.
    I then did the recommended three rolls, and down the drain.
    (That was in a chemistry lab, which was supposed to be safe for chemicals down the drain.)

    The Unicolor kits make equal amounts of each step.

    Some of the Kodak kits have different amounts, with the capacity different for different steps.

    The developer is the step where temperature, time, and past use are important.

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