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  1. To get outside, and start shooting with my new A7R3. This grey, dull, cold, weather is just so damn depressing I wonder if it will end. Ideally I should be creating little still life's which I've done in the past, but truth be told I'm fresh out of ideas, and little figurines to take pictures of. Anyone have some ideas?
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    Have been plowing and shovelling 3 or 4X daily, with no end in sight, the most snow here, I'm told, since '78. I have been taking photos of the inside of the house, pets, food (vegetables, etc.), items in different scale or perspective than usually seen, a bunch of out the window wildlife, even a couple of eagles outside when it was above freezing. The travails of a photo junkie! :D
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  3. if you are fresh out of ideas with creating pics of "little figurines" that seems strange .... and a little sad
    during the winter I photograph events, birds, wildlife, landscapes, snow, etc but I don't know where you live
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  4. Yeah it is a little sad, because it's tough getting inspired by little figurines. I once had a fairly creative mind, but less so in recent years. The fact is I'd much prefer to be taking pictures of spring Landscapes, and Architecture because I hate winter scenes or anything related to winter.
  5. When I need a break from the things I have to do, I head for a botanic garden or museum. Indoor exhibits of tropical plans may help nurture the feeling of being someplace less "winterish." Of course you could always go somewhere warmer for a visit. When the weather is bad, I'm inclined to shoot closeups, and experiment with lighting, focus-stacking, etc.
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  6. I can't weigh in regarding dull, cold rainy weather and getting impatient with conditions like that is totally understandable, but I'm wondering too because I've had the creative shut down feeling here in Southern California, my issue being boring clear skies every day, all day, all year! I pray for some atmospherics to make things interesting, but I think you see where this is going. I just don't know of anything more challenging than Photography and its built in creative methodology of thinking. Photography has taught me more about myself and life than practically anything. When I get into a creative slump, I've learned not to think if it that way, I just re label it a creative pause, recharging the batteries of thought and invention. Since going out somewhere looking for a picture isn't the right approach, as we know the best approach is being at a state of allowing the picture to come to us, I'm OK with creative pause. It works! Although it works a little different with different people, it's a formula that has some merit.
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  7. Yes, shooting in Southern California has its own challenges given many days of harsh, very contrasty light. Sky's tend to go white and look ugly. I've gotten used to it so I feel I know how to use it, but still anytime I get open sky, it blows out white. I could use a graduated ND filter, but I don't use one cause I don't like taking it off and on every time you want take a shot. Especially when your shooting on the street and don't have time to do all that. So its just another factor.
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  8. I traveled to Guatemala twice during the winter (I live in Buffalo, NY). Winter is a horrible time of year to be a photographer IMO and every Spring it feels like I'm starting over. This winter I photographed still lives on my kitchen table and I volunteered to photograph Golden Gloves boxing. Regarding the creative block, you have to work through it. I've found that if you force it, the first things you produce are usually garbage but with time it gets better.

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