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Discussion in ' Site Help' started by sarah_lange, Aug 16, 2020.

  1. No annoying!!! I no longer have, or have access to, the email I used years ago when I signed up for It's how I signed in just now to post this. But I tried to sign up anew with my new email address and went thru the steps and waited for activation email.

    No activation email. So I hit 'send again' and it said this account has already been activated. Um. Nope. So I tried to sign in with new email and new password and it said the account hasn't get been activated. (No kidding). So frustrating. So I tried several times and it wouldn't send me activation email because it said it was already activated. I go to sign in and it says hasn't been activated yet.

    Thanks a lot
  2. Why not use the account you used to sign in with?
  3. Send a PM to one of the mods. explaining your problem.
  4. Because I wouldn't receive any emails since I haven't used that email in years and it is no longer active or accessible. But thanks for reply. And actually I did post my question later with that sign-in so I just have to check for replies.
  5. Ok thanks. Don't know who mods are though. And it's super annoying that the site simultaneously said I was "already" activated and that my account hasn't been activated. It can't be both and I never got the activation email.
  6. PM William Michael and Sandy Vongries.

  7. OK thank you.
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