Can't open my 5Diii CR2 files.

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by david_henderson, Dec 12, 2015.

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    I use a Windows 7 computer, in conjunction with purchased editions of LR 5.6 and PS CS5. I import via Lightroom where I import and convert to DNG for the version going into the LR catalogue, and simultaneously produce backups as CR2 that sit on an external drive.
    I've always been able to open the CR2 into ACR in situ , but in January this year I changed from a 5dii to a 5Diii. The versions I hold as DNG open successfully in Lightroom. But the CR2 made on the new camera on the external drive won't open and the dialog box indicates (and I'm paraphrasing) that it looks like the newer CR2 have been made on a camera unsupported by my current version of ACR. I'm unsurprised by this for as I say, I've started using a different camera. I presume I need to install a more up-to-date version of ACR.
    Problem is I don't know where and how. I can't seem to find a new-ish ACR (eg 7.1) on Adobes download site and I get advise to install their download manager. However all that seems to want to do is install a trial version of CC, which isn't the way I really want to go for the time being at least. Is there another way I can get a more up-to-date ACR whilst not doing that?
    Equally I know I could resolve the problem going forward by setting LR to make the backup copy as a DNG too. But that doesn't help with my 2015 raw backups and I guess I imagined that holding the raw files in two different formats (DNG and CR2) might turn out to be a useful security measure in time. So that route- which in any case doesn't help my "2015" problem hasn't really been my preferred route.
  2. Adobe Camera Raw 6.7 (which works with CS5) should support the 5D Mk. III. If I'm not mistaken, version 7.1 is for CS6 and cannot be used in CS5. Of course, the CR2 files would also work in Lightroom 5.x, if you prefer that you could make a seperate catalog if you do not want to mix the backups with your normal workflow.
  3. Another option is to upgrade to CS6, but you have to order the DVD version by phone from Canon support.
  4. I have LR 5.7, which I think is the latest version of LR5, although I don't know if that supports your 5diii.
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    OK, thanks, problem solved. I found downloaded and installed ACR 6.71 which does support the 5Diii. All worked , the newer CR2 on the external drive open without being converted to DNG which is exactly what I wanted.
    Thanks to all who helped.
  6. Backwards compatibility has taken a back seat to corporate greed. It could be done, but how will they get more money from you then?
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    I just want to make it clear that it cost me zero to resolve the problem. The version of ACR I needed to support my camera is available free.

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