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  1. Created a file in Corel X4.
    Worked on it for about a week. the file size of 38 MB. Corel podglyuchili and now does not want to open the file. When you open a blank Corel. File no other program to open does not want. Backup also opens as an empty file.

    Can anyone encountered a problem opening the files in Corel? Please help
  2. Bro, try to open it in other computer.
    Can't tell about MAC, but on Windows there are file history, you may used it to get recovery or previous version of your file.
    But always use cloud, any, it'll make work stable and save your nerves.
  3. I'm afraid I have no better suggestion (other than phoning Corel and asking for support - and back everything up before it gets worse, in case it can be recovered).

    But I'd love to know what "podglyuchili" means...
  4. Tony Parsons

    Tony Parsons Norfolk and Good

    Possibly an acronym.

    If it annoys you, an agronym.
  5. Is it? Acronymfinder doesn't know about it, and Google only finds the word on this thread (Google Translate thinks it's Russian, but won't say for what). Maybe a typo, but I'm intrigued to know!

    I'd also love to be able to help Rebecca, but don't have a better option than "ask Corel". The file's clearly big enough that there's something in it, but I don't know enough about their format to try to extract anything.
  6. Try renaming it.
  7. hi all ) podglyuchili - fails in the system . tried to open on another computer . to no avail . wrote in support of the letter there was no answer
  8. Ah! Thanks, Rebecca. Sorry not to be able to help, though.

    Could I ask you to tell us what the file type is (what the three-letter file extension is)? (Right click and "properties" on the file, if you're not set up to see it by default.) Corel can handle several file types; I'm just checking whether it's something we might be able to hack the content out of.

    Do you still need this, or have you managed to reproduce the work?

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