can't find CL's timer

Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by frank granovski, May 31, 2005.

  1. Does anyone know where Minolta hid the Leica CL's timer? I still can't
    find it so I'm forced to use my Electro GSN. I don't want to, but it
    can't be helped. Help.
  2. The CL is only for those who will stay behind the camera.
  3. Keep looking!
  4. I can't find it on mine either.
  5. <...where Minolta hid the Leica CL's timer?>

    It's not hidden because it's not. Oops, forgot the ;*)
  6. Suggestions: Get a manual for that thing because you seem to have an awful lot of questions about it. How were you even sure you wanted it? Obtain a Bulb release with a 20 foot air line from BHphotovideodotcom then you won't need a timer and you can use it on all your cameras! Mine just arrived today and its really nice and only $11.95 US Best regards, Bill
  7. frank,
    i hear ya. what i do, and i think most other pros as well :), is get one of those nifty little pocket tripods. also carry around one of those collapsible antenae's that you can find on old busted up stereo's (go for a bang and olufson stereo, as this is proper, german made tools)

    set the tripod and your frame and position yourself and any others that may want to appear in frame with you (this is probably only for self portrait right ;^) then take out your german antenae, extend it and you can use this to push down the shutter button your your cl.

    if this doesnt work, there's a self timer inside the camera, to access this, you need to take the cover off of the bottom of the cl (whilst loaded and frame is set) and hit the little 'bs' switch that runs beside the film. best to do this as quick as possible.

    good luck and post some results! :)
  8. dump that Minolta & get a real Leica!
  9. <P>Who needs a self-timer. Nothin' beats a 15mm lens at arm's length for creepy self-portaits.
  10. >Get a manual for that thing because you seem to have an awful lot of questions about it.

    Isn't it obviously by now that's the whole point of not getting (or admitting to have) a manual?
  11. Mr. Granovski,
    There is a website in Canada that has a free, online Leica CL manual.
    Leica CL instruction manual

    I hope this helps answer some of your questions.
  12. Yeah, I've been getting GREAT creepy self portraits at arms length with my 15mm lens! Go for it. You've got to be dang near as ugly looking as I am, and making the strange creepy faces will come with practice;-)
  13. Just thought I'd ask. ;*) By the way, my arms are not long enough for those creepy self-portraits, that is with the CL's 40mm 'cron. Do any Leica M's come with a timer? Heck, even my old 1954 Voigtlander Vitomatic 11 had a timer, but I don't have it anymore.
  14. I have one of those mechanical, screw-in self-timers as in Trevor's B&H link. Used it years ago with yes ... a Leitz-Minolta CL and Rollei 35S. It works well. Has a funky, ratcheting sound when winding down. Very Luddite. Frank, maybe I'll send it to you gratis if you promise to stop writing threads about your "pristine CL." Maybe... LOL
  15. The self-timer on the Leica CL is is just below the lighted LCD display on the back out the camera. Except on the earliest models, where it's located right near the thumb wheel. Check out the CL instruction book for an illustration.
  16. The self-timer on every so equipped camera that I have owned (evem the illustrious M3) conked out prematurely and after several returns for repair I said the hell with it and used an aftermarket mechanical or pneumatic timer instead. More dependable, less hassle, cleaner camera. . . <p> "don't need no stinkin' self timer!"
  17. Have to take part of that back. The CLE had a very dependable electronic self-timer, and if you had the proper cord for it, a remote electronic shutter release. Wish my M6 had one!
  18. Honestly, I just realized the other day that the CL doesn't have a timer. Stupid me. ;*)

    Re: "Frank, maybe I'll send it to you gratis if you promise to stop writing threads about your "pristine CL." Maybe... LOL"

    Thanks, but I can't promise that.
  19. Frank, look closely at the FRONT of your camera...
  20. What serial number is your CL?
  21. My CL doesn't look like that. The ser. is : #1322332.
  22. According to the definitive guide, self-timers were added to Leica CLs from serial no. 1322333. <p>Damn your luck Frank, you missed it by one!
  23. I guess this is the 'photoshop' CL with virtual self timer.
  24. Trevor, that looks like the compact little pre-production sample of the digital camera Leica was toying with for awhile last year. Seems like the thought was to put a 2/3 sized chip into a 2/3 sized body. Negotiations with the Chinese factory broke down over costs when it became obvious that the price, including flash, a 28, 40 and 90mm lens set, and fitted shoulder bag, would exceed the target of $1,000 U.S. by perhaps 15%.
  25. Is the price 2/3?
  26. Hi Frank,
    thanks for starting this funny thread...(;-)). I bought a CL last year, including pristine Summicron-C 2/40 & Elmar 4/90 mm's & original bags & strap for ? 100,-... (I know, I'm a very lucky b.) The CL (no.1324723) belonged to an old photographer who quit his job years ago and just wanted to clean out his closet. After a very quick CLA and new pentaprism at CRR Luton(thanks again Peter Grisaffi)the CL is in great shape again. And it came with a self-timer: within it's bag was a pneumatic all-metal one by Gitzo, possibly as old as the CL itself or older. It still works, gives you about 8-20 seconds to get in front of your CL(depending on ambient temperature, so keep grinning...)after you activated it. Ultimately I found a picture of the self timer on this site: Perhaps it can still be bought somewhere. Enjoy your CL !
  27. It's up your arse, go take a look, really if you dig deep enough you'll certainly find it!
  28. I have a very large arse so that would be quite time consuming. Really, it's not there. My pristine CL does not have a built-in timer. I believe therefore my CL is one shy of a load.
  29. ENOUGH!! Frank, many here are pulling your leg: the production CL never had a self timer just as the M5 of the time didn't have a self timer; it was just not an item Leitz deemed needed on their cameras. I think the photo you see here is a bit of a joke: the self timer on the photo is the same one found on the Minolta CLE, so I think there was some digital fun being had.
  30. > the production CL never had a self timer just as the M5 of the time didn't have a self timer

    This M5 doesn't look too digitized to me:

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