Can't find 8x10 memory mate plaques

Discussion in 'Sports' started by booray, Aug 4, 2008.

  1. Everywhere I look I see memory mate plaques that have a slot for the team pic, a slot for the individual amd some
    sort of badge or logo. What I can't seem to find is a wholesaler that sells a plaques that takes the entire 8x10
    memory mate photo. So far I have found just one which seems low considering that every lab I use sells the full

    Anyone know a good source for these plaques?
  2. Try Glory Days.
  3. I use Jordak. Great customer service!
  4. Does anyone that sells plaques ever update their product pictures? its 2008 and they are showing plaques with pictures from 1991? It just makes the plaques look so dated. I do the sublimation plaques because i wasnt able to find any slide in plaqes that looked good for good prices. The sublimation plaques run about 4.15 each, its a bigger initial investment, but can be made up in one league. Plus they can look SOO much better.

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