Can't delete images in ZoomBrowser EX

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by mike_hitchen, Mar 24, 2010.

  1. I am running Windows 7 Professional on a new laptop with my pictures on WsterDigital MyBook.
    I am viewing pictures with Zoombrowser v6.5.1. I am trying to delete images but I get the message "The operation has failed. Please check access permissions and ensure he file is not in use."
    Any suggestions on how to get rid of this?
  2. Are the files write-protected? Right click on one of them, and click "properties". Is the "read-only" box checked?
  3. Is ZoomBrowser the only thing running? It sounds like you may have something as simple as picture viewer open in the same folder. To be honest though I don't use ZB much anymore.
  4. Thanks for the suggestions - none are write-protected and ZB was the only programme running.
  5. Like Vista, then, you will have to open the administrators controls and tell Windows 7 that anyone can delete. You can can get most of the information by Googling "can't delete files in Windows 7" or Vista, since there is more experience available with that version.
    I go into the security setting and set the folders to be shared, give permission for any user to do whatever, and in properties deselect "readonly" and then apply it. Still, it doesn't usually work until I have shut down the computer and restart it.

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