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  1. Does anyone know what happened to I saw an eBay
    auction for repair of Nikkormat cameras. Several months ago I sent
    Steve Wright at a Nikomat FT body for service, along
    with a check. After many e-mails and a snail mail letter I got an e-
    mail from him stating that he didn't have all of the parts to repair
    the FT. I sent him a second body, a Nikkormat FTN, along with
    another check. I asked him to service the second body and return
    both to me with the FT as fixed as he could get it.

    I never had a phone number or street address for Steve Wright or Last week I sent an e-mail to ask about the cameras
    and I also sent a copy of the e-mail by First Class mail. The letter
    came back from the Post Office today marked NOT DELIVERABLE AS
    ADDRESSED. Both of my checks were cashed and I don't seem to have
    any way to reach either Steve Wright of Should I
    contact the Postal Inspector? I posted this on the Canon FD site
    because several photo.netters have recommended this place for
    repairs. Thanks in advance for any info. Jeff
  2. Hey Jeff,

    I'm very glad you asked. I've been sitting here quite angry and frustrated for some time, fuming over a very similar set of experiences I had with Steve. The only thing that has kept me from posting the details and giving a sharp warning to others to avoid him is that I wanted to be absolutely sure there weren't some more innocent explanations to the whole affair, (and also to avoid possible legal problems for badmouthing him). But then I discovered that his website isn't even up any more (it's "temporarily unavailable")! With your report now, any of my earlier reservations are completely gone.

    My saga has been many months in the making, including: 5 weeks to get my camera back the first time, only to find out that it had new problems; spending over a week and a half trying to get him to respond to my emails to confirm that he should look at it again; then getting it back the second time after several more weeks of waiting, only to find similar postal notes to what you reported - "forwarded to... (some new address)", and something to the effect of "item not picked up by addressee" Basically, he never even looked at it.

    Not sure what can/should be done. All I can say is that I'm in the same boat, out a lot of cash, and very frustrated!

    I've since decided to suck up the loss and move on because I just can't go on like this without the use of the camera! So I have been checking out the "other" Steve (Steve Sweringen at Camera Clinic, Reno NV). Oh, and by the way, Steve (Sweringen) has indicated that he has never heard of the problems I have described with my camera, and that they they were probably the result of the other Steve's "tampering".

    No real answers for you, just commiseration.

    Good luck to us both!

  3. It's certainly not looking promising for anyone who sent their camera to Steve recently. His eBay store is still up, but he has five "took my camera and never returned it!" feedbacks since September. His domain is registered anonymously (c/o networksolutions), and it's been down for some time. The best you can hope for in this situation is that he's in hospital and unable to answer e-mail, but the undeliverable mail, lapsed web hosting, and lack of communication do not bode well.
  4. Sorry to hear about your bad experiences, but I doubt the hospital scenario is the reason. I've heard the story of delayed work and lack of communication too many times. Fortunately my dealings with him were nothing more than a nuisance, as I (finally) received my hardware purchase.
    For what it's worth, I, and many others, have had great results with Steve Swearingen (steven40 at aol dot com) at Camera Clinic in Reno, NV. I have no financial or personal interest in his services, just a satisfied customer. Reasonable prices, quality work, and quick turnaround times.
  5. I sent two cameras and I also sent checks with them. The checks were cashed and have come back from my bank but the cameras have not come back. At this point I may contact the Postal Inspector. The Postal Inspector should be able to get some information from eBay on Steve Wright or Each camera was sent with a check for about $55 for a CLA + return shipping. I have five other Nikomat or Nikkormat bodies so I was willing to try this less expensive service. One of my other Nikkormat bpdies was overhauled by Essex Camera Service in NJ for about $100 and is perfect. If I had this to do again I would have just brought one body to Essex and waited on the other one. The repair would have been done expertly and quickly.

    There is always some risk in doing business with a one person company. A few years ago I had some lenses repaired by a gentleman in NJ who had worked at one time for Minolta. His work was excellent. I called to ask about bringing in another lens for repair and his daughter answered the phone. He had suffered a stroke and I was told he would not be repairing any more camera equipment. It was sad news to hear but his daughter wanted to make sure that any equipment he was working on got returned. Many people who work on their own don't even have this much back-up.

    At this point I would like my cameras and money back. If Steve Wright is no longer living then I probably won't get back either. If he is living I would like to have the Postal Inspector find him so I can at least get the cameras back.
  6. That's too bad. I was going to send him a camera for service. He has excellent deals.

    I had my T90 serviced by him a few months ago. He was quick to reply to my e-mails and was very polite in every one of them. I sent out the camera and got it back in 4 days. That's very quick in my book. The camera works perfectly to this day.
  7. I bought Steve Wright's "F-1N Repair Special" on eBay for $59 over a month ago, and have so far been unable to get any sort of communciation from him. I've sent numerous emails, to no avail. I called the number listed for him on eBay's member contact info, but the voicemail box is full. I filed a SquareTrade complaint, but they can't raise him either. Luckily I wasn't about to send off my camera to someone who couldn't be bothered to answer my emails, so I'm just out the $59. Very annoying.
  8. Hi People, This is There 5 or 6 of us at the present time(see: t90com's Sept. -feedbacks) who have been in touch, over Mr. Wrights lack of faith, or out right fraud. I belive that all of us have contacted the USPS Fraud unit online, and I suggust that everyone of you do the same. Mr. Wright says to send your stuff by US Mail, and that my friends is defrauding you thru the US Postal Service, or Mail Fraud, and that's a no-no. I've also contacted eBay's Trust&Security, Square Trade, and Paypal. Well you are not going to get any money back from any of them. Hey we bought a service( what fools we are!), and they only return funds on tangibles items, not on services. In my case, I F'd Up, hey I Trusted the guy, so much for blind faith, DUH! I mean I figured it might take awile to do the repairs, well there goes the 10 to 60 days window on even thinking about any money back, are you getting the picture hear. So now eBay is looking into this, not sure about Square Trade, and Paypal basicly said too late, your problem, go bugger off mate. Now to try to get this guy, everyone needs to file a complaint with your local PD. Then as above, with the US Postal Service Fraud Unit, and the IFCC(Internet Fraud Complaint Center/FBI) as listed on eBay's Trust&Security page(ebay will tell you everything, if you know where to look). If you bought the T90com service off eBay, file with them, and Square Trade to. Both of these icons, and Paypal's icon appear on T90's auction listing, which in my view tend to support Steve Wright's's Fraud. Any Attn.s out that got burned? If so what are these companys involvement in this fraud? And by the way the current listing for CanonT90's Nikon F4's repair service was relisted on Monday night, 10-10-05, so Steve Wright is still alive, and running his t90com servic scam. And nobody's doing anything about this matter from the top(see eBay listing #7538346991). The only way to beat this guy(I've started to refer to this individual as a Richard Head, and I think you know the short on that) and this type of internet fraud is if everybody starts bitch'n to the above athorities. And I really don't think any of us will get our money, or our stuff back. But this KA-KA has to stop, and now! To get in touch with Steve Wright there's a joke, I ment leave a message)try 972-523-1891(Tx. cell phone), or try 405 Greenhouse Patio Dr., NW Kennesaw, Ga., 30144-5518(I've been told he moved from Rockwall, Tx./Maybe that was just a drop box address anyway!). So there you have it, and if you really read the above, I'm sure that how to run your own service scam will come to you. I'll let you all know what happens on my case, then I'll think about the above.
    Thanks for your time, Dave aka: Post Note:to all you Richard Heads in the World, note:long walk,short pier!
  9. Hi Again, It's If any of you tryed to look up Steve
    Wright's listings today, there gone. And he is no longer a registered eBay user
    as of today. Seams that ebay pulled the plug on him, but who would know?
    So now it is imperative that everybody file with the IFCC, and do it today.
    Enought of us bitched to cause eBay stop his listing and I mean all of them,
    and so the same will help now with the US postal Service, and the IFCC. Well
    lets all hope anyway! If anyone need more just contact me. By the way, any of
    you live in Georgia, and have a sharp, heavy, nasty, stick? Dave Liggon
  10. I bought a T90 from Steve more than a year ago. It arrived with the infamous EEE problem although it had been 'CLA'd' . I sent it back and never heard from it again. Steve was very slow in answering emails. Luckily I had the package insured and as it could not be verified if it had been delivered, I got my money back from the postal services.
    My two cents worth, Peter
  11. If anyone is interested, I emailed another steve in Reno, NV who does this type of server and seems to have a good reputation. I got a response just a couple of hours after sending the email. Here is his response:

    Yes, I do still service the Canon T90 camera. You are right, the "EEE" malfunction is caused by dirty shutter magnets. To rebuild the shutter unit, clean and service the camera, I charge $125.00 labor, $15.00 for the internal battery and $10.00 return shipping. I give a six month warranty with my work and can turn the repair around in less than a week. Let me know if interested. I am located at:

    Camera Clinic
    295 Gentry Way #6
    Reno, NV 89502

    At your service,
  12. I will also vouch for Steve Sweringen at Camera Clinic in Reno, who did a CLA for me several years ago with beautiful work and unbelievably quick turnaround.

    I had a funny instinct about CanonT90 from the beginning so never used him, even though he is (was?) within driving distance for me. Has anyone spoken with the local authorities in Rockwall?
  13. Post note on Steve Wright aka:CanonT90.Com/T90com. Mr. wright has been removed from ebay, most likely by ebay,(no longer a register user,can not:trade,buy,sell,feedback,etc. as of Thurs. Oct.14,2005). His phone #972-523-1891 is still taking messages as of Sun. Oct.16,2005. Just thought I would let you know. And remember to file a complaint with the IFCC for any loss you have, or contact me for a related no# so that any and all claims get attention as one.
  14. My experience:

    I sent my first email to Steve on 18 December 2004 to make inquires about his T90 repair services. On 27 February 2005, I paid him (via PayPal) to repair my camera. It was sent to him via FedEx and received by him on 8 March 2005. Steve claims to have made the necessary repairs and he returned the camera on 16 March 2005.

    (The reason for the repair was that the internal battery had died.) Upon receiving the camera, I tested it and it did function. However, just three months later, when I took a once-in-a-lifetime trip, the camera failed in the exact same manner. I am convinced that he never worked on the camera but rather had some method to minimally charge the internal battery.

    When I tried to cantact Steve, my emails were never replied to. I tried calling, but there was no answer.

    Note to Dave Liggon: Please provide me with the appropriate case number, phone number, whatever so my claim can be added.
  15. I sent my camera August 2005. I finally gave up trying to contact him and emailed Square Deal they never admitted to getting in touch with him BUT my untouched camera showed up on my doorstep shortly there after.

    I am out the money but at least I got the camera back,

    Personally I think a SERVICE provider should not be able to use the SQUARE TRADER logo since they won't cover the screwage by the ebayer
  16. If anyone is still trying to find Steve Wright aka: CanonT90.Com, try Det. P.
    Coalson at the Cobb Police Dept. down in Cobb GA. That was the last
    address that I had on Wright. But don't get your hopes up.

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