Canons best rated camera on DXO: 5DIV

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  1. Dear photo enthusiasts and pros,

    I’m curious re DXO scores. esp comparing my current 6D to the 5DIV.

    Canon 5DIV VS 6D on dxo:
    Portrait improvement 24.8 vs 23.8 = 4% which is trivial.

    Overall DXO camera score 91% compared to 6D’s 82% so 9% improvement.

    Yet when I check most of my lenses on dxo between the 6D and 5DIV there is easily a 20-25% improvement in terms of lens image sharpness and overall score.

    By the way if I check these lens scores on the 5DS R There is even a further 20% improvement in each lens score compared to the 5DIV even though the overall score for the 5DS R is 86 vs 91 for 5DIV. Not very consistent?!

    So is it the more megapixels the camera houses the sharper the image and higher dxo score for the lens on that camera? or is it better AF means better sharpness?!

    I would thankful to get a rough real life estimate from anyone who may have both the 6D and 5DIV how much image quality improvement the 5D IV is on top of 6D?- my gut feeling is 10% at most; but if the dxo lens score improvement score of 25% is true then that is quite impressive.

  2. The resolution does factor in, the higher the resolution the more detail you can capture but more importantly IMO is the lens and was it in focus on the subject, what was the F-stop and depth of field, was the lens stopped down to the point of creating a soft image from diffraction, what was the photographer's skill in using the proper setting for the camera and holding the camera still so no motion blur. There are a lot of factors

    I doubt the 5DSR overall score being lower than the 5D MKIV was based on sharpness, but perhaps ISO, and focus.

    Other factors that can weigh in is the presence of an antialiasing filter in the camera which can soften the sharpness a little. You are more likely to notice this with two exact same resolution cameras, one with antialiasing and one without. An example is the Canon 5DS vs the 5DSR. When comparing cameras of different resolutions there are a number of factors.

    All three cameras can achieve excellent sharpness, the higher resolution cameras can give you more detail so they will appear sharper because they have more pixel resolution. I have read that very high-resolution cameras may be more susceptible to camera shake and be noticeable when pixel peeping, though I can not say I have seen this going from the 6D to the 5D MK IV. Of course with image stabilization, I don't know at what resolution this becomes a real problem. Perhaps others could shed light on this. I have an 85mm f/1.4 with no IS and I have broken the rule and shot handheld as low as 1/20th of a second and gotten sharp images.

    The 6D is a great camera. Is the 5D MK IV better? Yes and that is for a number of reasons: resolution, better high ISO low light noise, vastly better focusing system, dual memory card slots. The 6D is still a great camera.

    I own both cameras, yes there is a jump in image quality.
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  3. Disregard this, I miss read the original post. Phone rang in the middle of my response. Yes 5DSR is sharper because of higher res. Also the noise will be smaller.
  4. A lens sharpness measurement requires close to nothing; i.e. contrast range doesn't matter. - Black ink on white paper doesn't offer much contrast. (<- Light anything printed evenly, shoot it and look at your histogram till you believe me.) Same about color depth (portrait). - HIgh ISO performance neither matters since it creates noise that will reduce sharpness. So all that could count for their lens testing camera wise are amount of megapixels + absence or moderation of AA filters. They probably leave the AF performance out too, otherwise I'd be baffled why Sigma's fast narrow range zooms score so high. - To my understanding DxO don't test and rate focus at all.
    If you are a studio photographer, who tamed their light, you'll probably get more and enough out of the 5D SR. A whole lot of way worse performing cameras work(ed) well enough for those folks.

    I know neither the 6D nor what you are planning to shoot where. To me the 5D IV seems like a quite decent allrounder, although I wouldn't mind something similar with additional eye AF. - I'm no birder, not into serious sports shooting and used elderly Pentaxes before.

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