Canonet QL17 vs G-III QL17

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  1. What are the differences between these two models (the second and third
    versions, not the origianl with the 45mm lens)? I think the GIII has a battery
    check, but apart from that, is there any reason to look for a GIII over the
    regualr QL17?


  2. The next Canonet QL-17 came out in 1969, looking very much like the later Canonet G-III 17 QL of 1972. The QL-17 G-III added a stronger rewind lever, a battery test light beside the battery test button, and according to Canon "improved quality," but they are almost identical in appearance
  3. The main difference is the battery check. The QL17 has a test button, too, but the battery power is indicated by the meter needle inside the viewfinder. The QL17-GIII has a battery test lamp. The disadvantage of the latter is that is does NOT work correctly with the Schottky-diode based CRIS battery adaptor or home-brew solutions which use a silver-oxide battery.

    Also, the lens coating is different. The GIII manual says that it has a re-designed lens. But I do not know anyone who has seen a difference in performance between the QL17 and QL17-GIII.

    Both models come in black and chrome. The GIII in black seems to be manufactured in larger quantities than the QL17 in black. Most (if not all) QL17s were assembled in Japan while all GIIIs were manufactured in Taiwan.
  4. gib


  5. gib


    unfortunately my example does not work....I tried to replace the foam seals and somehow screwed up the film advance mechanism

    the symptoms: it will advance two or three strokes and then locks up

    if I open up the back door I can repeat this sequence

    this is with film loaded.
  6. WJ, go to the "classic camera repair forum" website. Do a keyword search for canonet and you may find a lot of info on repairing these cameras
  7. I have one of the non-GIII's. I think Canon refers to it as the "New" model in their Camera Museum. Outwardly the rewind crank is shaped differently and the "GIII" nampelate is not present.

    Mine works fine and I have been very satisfied with it. I picked it out of a group of auctions because it is less common than the GIII. It was only in production for a short time before it was replaced by the GIII.

    I also have a couple of of the original QL17's, the one with the 45mm lens. That is actually my favorite Canonet.

  8. Paul,

    I also have one original QL17, the only canonet I have and it is a great camera. I am curious, why is your favorite Canonet? Thanks
  9. Hello,

    I have had and still have feww Canonet QL17. As far as I know and from what I've used, there were 3 models of the QL17 with the 40mm lens.

    1- Canonet QL17 40 mm lens with no battery check at all, camera made in Japan.

    2- Canonet QL17 40 mm lens with a battery check button near the viewfinder, the battery level is indicated by the meter needle inside the viewfinder (a green mark near the F8).
    This camera was refered to QL17-L (Luxury) in some owner's manuals though no L or luxury written on the camera, it was the last model made in Japan before the GIII made in Taiwan.

    3- Canonet QL17- GIII 40 mm lens made in Taiwan with the battery check button and Led near the viewfinder.

    These cameras look the same (other than the power check button), I've put some lens elements from camera 1 to camera 2 and vice-versa to replace some scratched elements. I didnt notice any difference with the lenses.

    I think the camera 2 is the less frequently found for sale on internet, it is my favorite one and it is the only Canonet I still have. It is my favorite for the following reason:

    - the needle to check the battery level. It is more useful than the Led especially when you dont use the mercury battery: If your canonet meter is not calibrated for a modern battery (silver oxyde SR44 let's say which is the best replacement of the mercury battery for canonet cause it's voltage is almost constant all the battery life)you can see where the needle is when you press the battery check button and than adjust the ISO settings to compensate for the voltage difference.
  10. So from the sound of it, I shouldn't worry too much if I can't get a GIII if there are cheap
    copies of the previous one available?
  11. Having owned a few Canonet G-III QL17s, my favorite is the Konica Auto S2, which is a superior camera.
  12. "1- Canonet QL17 40 mm lens with no battery check at all, camera made in Japan."

    Oh yes, I remember I once found a QL17 viewfinder cap in a bunch of spare parts which did not have any cut-out for the test button. Must have come from a pretty early item.

    Anyhow, mechanically-wise all QL17's with the 40mm lens are identical, so you do not miss anything if you buy an early model.
  13. The first Canonet QL17 from about 1967 does have a 45mm fixed lens. It is the one I have.

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