Canonet QL17 Light Seals

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  1. I just acquired my first Canonet QL17 with a 45mm f/1.7 lens. It appears to be in pretty good shape. The lens was a little dirty, so I took out the front element and, while I was in there, I touched up the diaphragm and shutter blades. Next I'll clean up the rangefinder a bit. Lastly, I noticed that the camera doesn't appear to have any light seals with the exception of one velvet strip on the door on the side opposite the hinge. From what I've read there should be other ones, but someone must have cleaned up the original deteriorated ones. My problem is that I don't know where they are supposed to be. I was planning to buy some foam or velvet to do it myself. I guess I could buy a kit, but I wondered if anyone had seen a link anywhere that shows where the seals are supposed to be.
  2. Here you go. (Credit - 'A Light Seal Odyssey' - John Goodman 2004)

    Canonet Seals 001.jpg

    Canonet Seals 002.jpg
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  3. I'd run a short roll of film through it, holding it at all angles, etc. and see if the seals are necessary or not.

    Some time back, I found exploded view service manual pages, but I can't find the URL right now.

    It's a swell camera, and one of my favorite small rangefinders
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  4. Here's mine own version of it in black
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  5. Thanks for the info and suggestions. The diaphragm is acting up, so I'll have to clean that up again before I try out any film.

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