Canonet G-III QL17 - Doesn't like the cold

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by ben_johnson|3, Jan 7, 2005.

  1. OK, I'm pushing the limits of the forum by asking a question about a
    1972 camera, but I figure it's the best place.

    I enjoy my Canonet G-III very much, but I find that it conks out in
    cold weather. Out shooting at around 5 degrees C. the other day
    (above freezing), I found that pressing the shutter release wouldn't
    actually release the shutter (it did close down the aperture). It
    did force me to wind to the next frame to take the next shot.

    Anyone else having cold weather issues with their Canonets?
  2. I am sure the shutter needs servicing, oil gets on the
    blades and slow or stops them from working.
  3. I was thinking it could be grease that is hardening in cold weather -- sort of like how bacon grease hardens when you put it into the refrigerator.

    I agree that servicing the camera should eliminate this problem.
  4. Thanks for your responses. There isn't any visible oil on the blade, but it could be either oil or grease hardening up. What surprises me is how quickly it happens; in a matter of minutes.

    The camera is in great shape and this is the only thing 'wrong' with it, so I guess that I'll just keep it for those less chilly days. Good thing I don't live in Ontario.
  5. Shutter (and aperture) blades may gum up even if there is no visible grease or smear on them.

    There is a description how to cure this problem in the repair article section of

    Canonet blade cleaning

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