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  1. Greetings!
    I usually download my images into ZoomBrowser EX (ver 6.1.1.) for filing, and only recently started playing with adjusting RAW and/or JPEG image photos. I usually shoot my images in the highest resolution that my 40D allows. My problem is this: My smaller files (under 700 MB) I can easily download (backup) to a CD disc, as the the Zoom Browser EX program has an "EXPORT" and "Backup to CD" option...pretty easy. However, I recently shot many photos at my daughters wedding (I was not the wedding photographer...I just shot a ton of photos of family members, and no, I did not get in the way of or step on the toes of the official These images were downloaded into Zoom Browser, and I did do some manipulation to a number of them. Because of the size of the file (well over 750 MB,) I decided to back it up to a DVD in order to get all the images onto one disc. To my surprise, I was unable to do this. My computers DVD is both a burner and player, but ZoomBrowser wouldn't let me transfer the images. I tried everything I could think of, to no avail, so I ended up burning the images to a total of four CD's....frustrating. Am I missing something in my endeavor? Is there a way to burn my images to a DVD disc? I tried both DVD-R and DVD+R discs, and neither worked. Many thanks in advance for your assistance.
  2. I seem to remember someone having a similar problem with ZoomBroswer and I think the explanation was that the way it exports and how the cache works and filesize limitations (spot the techno-numpty!). I think you can solve it but it requires changing some of the hardware settings on your computer.
    back to what I know - you can move betwen directories using Windows explorer (or equivalent) to drag and drop to other directories or use any CD/DVD burner software direct from the harddrive directory.
  3. Mike,
    Thanks for your reply. Not too keen about changing hardware settings on my computer, as I don't know what I'm doing there. Hopefully, another reader might be able to post very specific instructions on how to do this. Regarding your idea of moving between directories (I use XP btw) I just tried messing with that to see if I could transfer a different file using drag and drop, but had no luck there. I'm sure I'm missing some step (or two) along the way, but I'll keep trying. Would be nice to have some computer whiz sitting next to me when I try this stuff...ha! Do you live in Michigan? Just kidding.
  4. When I contacted Canon about ZBs poor execution of burning to disc I was told that Canon only sends the files to the burning software and that it in and of itself doesn't do much with the burning process (I'm paraphrasing). After that I had bought an external DVD burner that came with Nero. Now I use Nero for all my burning and I'm much happier. I don't know how Nero stacks up to other burning software as it fit my needs and I looked no further.
    One question. Are you absolutely positive that your DVD drive can burn DVDs? The installed drive on my computer can read DVDs and CDs but can only burn CDs, not DVDs. That's why I bought an external DVD burner. Had I done a little more research I probably would have looked around for a dual layer burner, but then I would have found out about Blueray and wanted that, then whatever comes out next.
  5. Dan,
    I'm at work now, so will check my DVD when I get may be right...perhaps it is a DVD player only. For sure I can burn CD's in that drive, but this is the first time I tried to burn a DVD. I may be off to Best Buy tomorrow to get an external burner. Thanks for the heads up. Even if I had a DVD burner, I'm not sure that ZB would let me burn to it, as their "backup to CD" doesn't say "DVD," unless it wouldn't matter, as long as I had a DVD burner. The mystery continues. Thanks for your input (output?...LOL)
  6. If you do get an external DVD burner, and if it comes with Nero (or similar, most do) then you use that to burn the DVD straight from the C drive and not through ZB.
  7. That is correct Mike, that's how I do it. In fact I rarely open ZB any more. My problem was that I could never tell if I had too many files for the disk in the drive or not, nor could I tell how much room my selection really was. Using Nero itself clears all that up.
    A few things on external drives. DVDs hold just over 4 gig's of data. Dual layer DVDs hold just over 8 gig. A Bluray disk can hold 25gig for a single layer and 50 gig for a dual layer. (you may want to confirm this before buying)
  8. Dan & Mike,
    Thank you both for your feedback. I checked my DVD this morning, and it was in fact only a reader, not a burner (athough it will burn CD's.) So, I went out today and purchased an external DVD burner at Best Buy (Toshiba---$71 on sale.) However, I may not take it out of the box, as my USB ports on my PC are the older and slower version 1 point something, and the new DVD burner is the newer high speed 2.0. I think the plan now will be to take the PC in and have an upgraded DVD RW installed, and upgrade the USB ports. Hey, it's only money (gulp!) I do have a temporary solution, though. My son has a two year old laptop with a DVD RW, so I loaded the Canon software into his computer, and downloaded the images I was concerned about. After doing all that, ZB would STILL not let me burn to a DVD (CD only) so I created a new folder on the desktop and then transferred the images to the folder. From there, I backed up the folder to the DVD drive and PRESTO, it worked! Too much work I tell ya, but it got the job done. Thanks again for your feedback, and if you come up with any more idea's not yet discussed, I'm all ears.
  9. The USB 2.0 protocol is backwards compatible. i.e. you can use a 2.0 device with a 1.1 USB port, you'll just be a lot slower. See
    I'd be hesitant about adding too much onto an older computer unless it was a screaming setup or you had software that you cant transfer and don't want to pay for again. Prices on last years top models are pretty reasonable, and even a slower dual core computer with 8 gigs of ram will outdo a single core computer of twice the speed and only 2 gigs of ram. Find how much you want to pay to upgrade your current rig and see if you can get anything for about that price. The beauty of an external DVD burner is that it doesn't matter what computer you get as it is plug and play.
    All this being said, you my in fact return your DVD burner and look at buying a newer computer, many of which come with a DVD burner built in.
    Good luck.
  10. Dan,
    I agree with you about a new computer perhaps. Although my box is working pretty good and gets me by, now that I'm starting to fool around with RAW and many digital images, it may be time to step it all up a few notches. Probably a good time to start looking as well, seeing as how Christmas is coming up, and I'm overdue for a new present to I bought the Canon 40D New Years day of this year (on line,) and got a great deal, so maybe I can repeat my good fortune. Thanks again for your feedback and the link on your last post.

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