canon vs nikon for portrait

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by boston_boston, Nov 8, 2002.

  1. ijust got a canon Elan7e i have taking one roll of film
    for the frist time. some of the picture did look good
    because of my lack of not know my camera. and this is my
    frist camera so iam new.but my Questions is why did
    the man @ this camera shop tell me that i should has
    got a nikon because it take better portrait.that canon
    is for sports.all because my picture was that good.
    is`it that he a nikon man.iam getting better at this
    because of this site.i read this site everday.
    iam take indoor and outdoor picture .want to take wedding pictures
    too. what camera have over the other canon vs nikon.
  2. He told you that because either he doesn't know what he's talking about or he'd rather sell Nikons than Canons. In either case, ignore him.
  3. I'm cracking up here! Ignore the dumb-ass that said that. The best thing to buy to get good portraits is a book on how to take good portraits! ;-)
  4. Canon vs. Nikon? Homey don't play that . . .
  5. There's no logical reasoning to support his statement that Nikon will take a better portrait than a Canon. Image quality is all in the user anyway, unless you have a bad lens, and Canon doesn't make any. Any Canon camera will equal a Nikon in terms of build and quality. And I'm a Nikon shooter!
  6. You should've bought a Minolta! :)

    The guy in the camera store is an ass. He is either too stupid to work there or too dishonest for you to buy something from him. Either way, stay away from him.

    Quality portraits are from good technique, good lighting, and knowing how to get your subject to relax and have fun. The camera brand has nothing to do with it.

    Stay away from this shop until they either get good sales help in or just close up altogether. Your time is worth more than what they gave you.
  7. I went to a Camera store in a nearby large city. They are a national company with several store names, that they have aquired. I wanted to look at a Canon 70-200 f2.8, which they apparently did not stock. The salesman recomended a Quantaray at a ridicoulous price and told me the lens was equal to the Canon in quality and as good as many Canon primes. Now I order from B&H exclusivly after doing my own research. I don't trust these clowns who'll lie to make a sale.
  8. Probably because he makes a better commission on Nikon.
  9. Go there again and strike up a chat. OH yeah, bring a tape recorder.
  10. The only reason I can think of was that Nikon's flash system used to be better than Canon's and that the salesman hasn't kept up with things.
  11. Sad to say, but camera store clerks tend to be the worst source of reliable photographic information. I would have laughed in his face.
  12. He probably gets a bigger commission on Nikon sales(?) Most camera sales clerks I've talked to are woefully ignorant.
  13. If you were comparing to the N80, it has a built-in gray card for metering. Perhaps he was figuring that into it. Either way, bottom line is the photographer. Both Canon and Nikon will shoot the quality you put into it.
  14. "Built in gray card"??? Huh???

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