Canon USA posts 40D info - Direct Print Button !C!O!N!F!I!R!M!E!D!

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by eos 10 fan, Aug 19, 2007.


  2. yep just saw this
  3. It's a fake. Heheheh.. just kidding!
  4. Sample images
    I'm particularly impressed with the landscape and rally shots. The latter was shot at a very clean ISO 800 that responds well to post-processing. The landscape has incredibly smooth sky tones. Very nice indeed.
  5. Wow,.,2 please
  6. It looks like a mini 1D Mk III. Very nice.
    From DPR: The Live View mode simplifies shooting from awkward angles such as ground-level macro or mounted tripod shots. The 3.0? LCD displays a real-time image in Live View mode, including a selectable grid overlay and a live histogram that simulates image exposure. The AF-ON button can be configured to flip the camera mirror momentarily and engage auto focusing. For the studio environment, remote Live View lets the photographer compose, adjust settings and capture the shot from a PC using the supplied EOS utility software.
    Live view and AF? Even the 1D Mk III can't do that. Yummy....
    Happy shooting,
  7. The pocket that holds my wallet is stating to smoke. Should I find some water?!

  8. Yes. It is all about the image quality.

    I am anxiously awaiting real image quality reviews. With Digic III and 14bit A/D converters, the *potential* is there for improved dynamic range and a usable ISO1600.

    If the image quality is improved. . .and SHOWN to be improved. . .I will buy. After the staggering disappointment that was the 30D, I will not buy this camera on faith.
  9. I'm suprised Canon released two cameras on the same day. I'd thought they'd wait and space them apart somewhat. Lots of releases today. Nothing I can get (I'd like the 1DS3), but that won't happen unless I win the lottery.

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