Canon UK + Jessops = 1D3 Demo Days

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    The events will take place from 10am till 5pm at the following Jessops stores:
    Thursday 19 July: 63-69 New Oxford Street, London WC1A 1DG
    Thursday 19 July: Temple Row, Birmingham, B2 5LS
    Thursday 16th August: 27 Shandwick Place, Edinburgh, EH2 4RG
    Thursday 16th August: Churchill House, Churchill Way, Cardiff, CF10 2HH.
    The demonstration days will give consumers the chance to meet the experts from Canon and see the 1DmkIII close-up.
    Hopefully Canon will have an answer to the 1D3's AF 'issues' by July 19.
  2. Get some alternative prices before purchasing anything.
  3. In my experience, and looking at their prices, Jessops = ripoff delux! No wonder their earnings aren't great and they're closing so many stores. They are just soooo expensive and the staff attitude isn't great either. I was in there once and someone wanted to try a 400D - the saleman said he doesn't have any batteries and the customer must find batteries themselves if they want to give it a go, please!
  4. Strange that they're all on a Thursday. I wonder who they are for?
  5. Avoid Jessops..I wanted to buy the 70-300 mm IS lens from them and they refused to sell me a boxed lens, only the display one ( they had boxed lenses in stock). They also refused to reduce the price of the ex-display...only offering me 5% off a filter.

    I told them that this is why they NEED to be shut down and out of business.
  6. Actually, the reason they are in difficulty is that they never sell me anything. They are not going to sell me a 1D3 on a thursday because on thursday I'm busy.

    What these canon days say to me is that Canon doesn't believe that Jessops have the people in those stores to sell their gear effectively.
  7. Jessops is good for physically trying things out (when they have stock, and batteries... see my last post), then going away and buying it somewhere else like warehouseexpress at a much better deal.
  8. Hi,

    JESSOPS..expensive, little stock, incompetant top managemant, crap staff, does not take a retail genius to see they are in deep doo dah..still.

    cheers Steve.
  9. I wonder if anyone from Jessops has read this post, I hope so!
  10. Hi,

    David..even if someone high up in Jessops did read this, they are arrogant enough to not give a damn..they have not given a *X&$#**X&$#**X&$#**X&$#* about customer care for the last 10 years or more.

    cheers Steve.
  11. I Dare say that Jacobs are equally bad...

    surley a market exists to satisfy the photographer in terms of a profitable retail venture?

    Despite their horrsendous customer service, PC world does offer goods at a very devent price...shame they dont stock real photo gear :-(
  12. Wow, such venom. In contrast I'd like to say that I've always found Jessops staff to be very helpful. I bought my 5D there as they were happy to match the price of the cheapest mail order competitor. And given that my last two Canon lens purchases turned out to be faulty, their 30 day refund/exchange policy is looking more and more attractive...

    I have no connection with Jessops - I generally prefer to support smaller retailers - but I don't think the above posts are representive of, or fair to, a lot of people who work there.

    I suspect Jessops financial problem were due to an over active expansion policy. Stores were appearing like mushrooms at one point. And it's clear from the price of their memory cards that their pricing isn't always realistic.
  13. Thats a reasonable enough comment, but Jessops seriously needs to think a little more about the needs of the serious of the amature/pro photographer.

    It's easy to sell a point-and-shoot to uncle and auntie as a bday present for their neice, but a different ball game all together to provide serious,knowledgable advice for the more discerning customer.
    Furthermore, in this age of e-commerce, their pricing sturctures are at best, laughable.

    The reason why a lot of people who are savvy photographers go to Jessops is to check the gear out, and buy it elsewhere, but if the staff knew their stuff, they might actually be able to *sell* it...

    I went in to buy the 70-300 USM IS lens which was out of stock ( not their fault), but to be told I should get the non-IS version because " it's exactly the same and just as good" is actually quiet offensive.

    Their customer service is probably no worse than ebay, but charging anywhere between 30 to 60% more for stuff just dosn't cut it...
  14. I work in Jessops. Have done for two years.

    Ok, just to cover a few things, the staff are rarely the ones to blame. Our area managers are crap. They give very little control to the managers, so nothing is flexible.

    Secondly, the reason why we can't take more off cameras/accessories is because we have the trade price visible on screen and if we go below it we get a call from the area managers and we get our a**es kicked over it. (Probably debateable if it's the 'actual' trade price or not but there's no way that we can tell as staff)

    Thirdly, to everyone blaming the staff, the chances are they are not so bad. The chances are you came in giving them attitude (the typical, customer is always right crap) and annoyed the hell out of them.

    I am always willing to help a polite customer. But so many are ignorant of the fact that we happen to be "human beings" too, and that really bugs me and totally diminishes all of that enthusiasm I had for selling you the 'right' camera.

    Just be a little less ignorant. Oh and, we've heard all of the witty, sly comments before.. so once you've gotten over your 'witty' self, realise that it only bugs the staff and they will then be less inclined to help you and that you're doing yourself no favours.

    And remember that we have thousands of stock items and that we are not experts on all of them.

    Everyone in my store at least are willing to help anyone. As long as the customer treats them with a bit of respect.
  15. Oh and, one of the reasons why jessops are doing so badly financially is because the company expanded too quickly.

    We were on an all-time high last year, because they brought in the whole extended warranty and add-ons percentage thing and forced us to sell it to customers if they needed it or not. What they didn't appreciate was that the shops were selling at their absolute MAXIMUM. I was on the verge of leaving because it was such a high pressured environment.

    But of course the area managers don't spend enough time in the shop to actually see what working in Jessops is like.
  16. I've only ever found jessops staff to be arrogant and useless. Been very disappointed with them on several occasions and now never use them. Grossly over priced and never have the correct stock.

    The web site is even more of a joke in that they can't seem to match their own web site or sync the stock information displayed on the website with the stores.
  17. Super Ted, if you've had trouble with staff on 'several' occasions then perhaps 'you' are doing something wrong?

    Jessops staff are people. Some are pr*cks, some are ok. Just like the customers.

    This of course being what customers with zero retail experience are so ignorant about.

    Of course, we can never express this in the shop. We can never be logical, because you take it as offence. The second we do you would all be ringing head office.
  18. Jessops online has non existant customer service, if you phone them you get an overflow line who cant answer your questions but tell you someone will ring you back but never do. would never order from them again and would discourage others from doing so, no wonder they are have financial problems
  19. david_henderson


    This wouldn't be my first (or second, or third) choice of a source for this or any other camera. They're a continuingly poor bunch in every important respect.

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