Canon Thursday, Week 25, June 20, 2019

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by Laura Weishaupt, Jun 20, 2019.

  1. Good Morning Canonites,

    I haven't opened this thread for years, but Jan needs his rest and we all need to pitch in. I thought we had a volunteer, but perhaps not. I love flowers and this begonia is for our pnet friend Jan de Bever.

    You all know the drill, no more than 3 images per week, no bigger than a whopping 1000 pixels on the long axis. Have a great day.

    Canon thurs62019.JPG
  2. Muy bonito, Laura!

    Tomorrow is midsummer in Sweden. Flower wreaths are a big part of the celebration. We started a bit early not to miss the daisies blooming.
  3. Mini Rose.jpg
    Miniature rose - 5DII + 100mm macro.
  4. Purple clover using an MP-E
  5. MD-2-X-Stereo.jpg
    Antietam Battlefield - Dunker Church
    (lean on one leg, then on the other X-eye stereo pair)​
  6. Lightroom HDR; 80D with EF-S 24mm EF-S24mm, HDR.jpg
  7. A few months ago, 80D with 100-400 lens and 1.4X extender 100-400 and 1.4X.jpg
  8. Laura, thanks for kicking off.
    Even lazier this time, shot from the kitchen window. They would fly away when i stepped out..
    testing my new toy.. bought me a 100-400 today, will need to practice a lot..
    (ps it works on flowers as well :) )
  9. Good going with the new lens, jdebever! I have the mark l version of that lens that I bought from my brother.
  10. Enjoy your new toy Jan.
  11. 3BE00B1C-8795-4F6C-948E-AFF33C3CB7B1.jpeg
    Canon 5D MKII Tamron 90 mm macro
  12. 75B2AAE0-0B6B-475E-96AC-C803DB1F0D83.jpeg
    Canon 5D MKII Tamron 90 mm macro
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  13. 3406F8ED-AD44-419C-AE96-04FF9973169D.jpeg
    Canon 5D MKII Tamron 90 mm macro

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