Canon Thursday, September 19 2019

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by Nick D., Sep 19, 2019.

  1. Canon 5D MK IV from last night. Los Angeles.[​IMG]
  2. Thank you for starting the thread Nick.

    5D mkII Tamron 90mm macro
  3. 7E8800BE-824C-457E-8152-1D7BECA140E5.jpeg
    5D mkII Tamron 90mm macro
  4. 670C0051-362C-4D27-9248-A4C3EC4C4BAF.jpeg
    5D mkII Tamron 90mm macro
  5. Some flowers, but not my garden. Was feeling good on sunday, so a friend drove me to the open day at the dalhia club in Vught.

  6. I love night vistas! Aren't you on the wrong coast?
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  7. I am not sure sometimes, it feels so right. Some how I am managing to get around. Might be a nice coast to retire on. I sure can't complain about the weather, and sitting along the Pacific Coast Highway taking photos of palm trees, beaches and pelicans and then driving around Southern California with the top down is really nice. I have a lot of exploring to do yet. Hollywood Sign Night 5D 47164-.jpg Pelicans in Souther Califirnia shoreline 5D 46379-1.jpg
  8. Varanasi

    Canon 50D EF100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS USM
  9. Knock.jpg Unexpected sunset colours, no Tripod to hand. 3 frame Panorama taken hand held with 7D and 17-40mm lens.
  10. Thirteen years ago. Canon whatever Rebel model I was using back then.

  11. Portchester Castle in the last of the summer sun. Canon EOS 5DS + 24-105 f4 L
  12. My husband gave me a fog machine for Christmas. I haven't had the opportunity to bring it out. And frankly, I was a bit worried about getting the whole house fogged up. It was very easy to use, and surely, the upstairs got full of fog quite quickly and the smoke alarm went off. So now I know that works at least. My youngest, she's a bit of a monkey, wanted to dress up as a witch. It was a bit difficult to get everything working at the same time. My best image didn't contain that much smoke.

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