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  1. I invite you to share up to 3 of your favorite photos. Please ensure that each of your photos has a maximum of 1000 pixels along its longest edge. Your photos should have been taken with a Canon camera.

    Over the last few weeks I have been more than impressed by the wonderful photos everyone has shared on Canon Thursday, but I must admit that I would love to see more of our Canon friends join in. Please share your beautiful photos of the world around us.

    I look forward to an even greater PN photographer participation each week!

    So this week I am offering my first ever attempt at night street photography. Admittedly I don’t think I did a very good job of it. I set an unreasonable ISO and shutter combination and ended up with a lot of grainy shots. That said I will go back out with the goal of mastering night photography. Here are a couple of my photos.

    1) Outdoor dining in Freehold has been around a long time.
    2) A shot of the band at the Wednesday Harvest Music Festival.
    3) It's never too l ate for a good read.

    My best wishes to all my PN friends!

    20210915 5DM38579 Outdoor dining MWS C V1.jpg

    20210915 5DM38612 Wednesday Music Festival MWS C Cr V1.jpg

    20210915 5DM38638 Never too late for a good read MWS C Cr V1.jpg
  2. Ahh Mickey, Night photography is not for everyone. It's harder to choose your subject, and then get it into focus in dim light! I can't help but critique the outdoor dining image. The diners are not in focus, and you got a tree trunk in the center of the image. I'm thinking that you just didn't notice it. The band is well lit, and an interesting image. The reader is a challenge too, contrasty because of the t-shirt logo.The best night photography images have a good light source on the subject, or is the neon lighting. A tripod is pretty much necessary for night shots, hand held is just too hard! I hope you get back out there, especially since the sun is setting so early. I hope that my comments aren't offensive and please forgive me if they are. Best regards, Kathy
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  3. People's Art
    Canonet QL 17
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  4. As for criticism,
    katsone's criticisms of your night shots are fair enough if you want to produce night pictures that meet "daytime" criteria.

    For example, did you really "overlook" the tree?

    If you had "better light" it wouldn't exactly be "night" would it?

    I think your images have an agreeable amount of what the "Church of the Sub-genius" calls "slack":cool:
  5. Hi Kathy. Your comments are perfect. I knew the shots left a lot to be desired. I was in a hurry to try the 85mm lens I got, messed up my settings and the rest is history. Thank you for your comments Kathy!
  6. Hi JDMvW. I think in this case my haste puts me firmly in the Church of the Sub-genius :)
  7. Ok, I get it. But night photography with better light would have probably been better phrased by me as choosing "a better source of light." Not to make it look like "daytime."
  8. Air Power M 9 5 3 Eras900.jpg Air Power M 9 5 Grumman Avenger900.jpg Coe Hall haunted.jpg A couple of vintage Airplanes from our local Air Power Museum. A night shot of Coe Hall for it's Haunted Mansion night (hand held Canon S100) Airplane shots Canon 90d Tamron 16-300.
  9. I rush all the time! It never works out well. Most of my "new tries" I consider a learning experience and leave a lot of room for improvement!
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  10. For the first time in 18 months I've been able to make it to a race track to shoot racing photography, this time was with a local motorcycle club. It was interesting how much rust that had to be knocked off my game to get back to some decent shots by the end of the first day. It was challenging to be shooting bikes instead of cars, as bikes are smaller targets and change direction quickly halfway through corners, creating a fun challenge. The shots were well appreciated, and the sounds, sights and smells of a track were a fantastic way to feel a bit normal at least for a couple of days.

    Canon 7D, with a Canon MarkII 100-400.

    2021 BC - Mission - Mission Raceway - Sept 6 IMG_8063small.jpg 2021 BC - Mission - Mission Raceway - Sept 6 IMG_8110c.jpg 2021 BC - Mission - Mission Raceway - Sept 6 IMG_8118.jpg
  11. From the airshow at Grissom AFB a couple of years ago...Canon 5DMkII, 100-400L 485Ab.jpg 403Aa.jpg 666Aa.jpg
  12. That guy in the third picture!

  13. Hi folks, been traveling for the better part of a month driven over 2800 miles coast to coast. Just settling in to our campsite at Mission Bay on the west coast. Hope to start adding some photos here again soon. I purchased a new Galaxy S21+ and am impressed with the three cameras and it shoots RAW. Sure it's not my 5D MK IV with L glass, but dam. So I found it very handy, always in my pocket on the road,and very good images.

    But I have managed to get some images with the 5D MK IV on the trip. Guess the 5D gets pulled out for serious photography and the phone is just handy all the time.

    So maybe it is true, the best camera is the one in your hand. Having fun goofing around with this. Will have to post some side by sides.

    I got some great Canon shots along the way and a lot of shooting from Cabrillo National Monument Park and a Dog Beach today, Just to exhausted to download them and run through post.

    Be back soon. Cheers
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