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Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by nathangardner, Jan 26, 2011.

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    It's about that time. Thursday is almost here and I'm about to go down for the night so I'm kickin' this thing off. In the Casual Photo Conversations forum there is a thread about photography related New Year's Resolutions. Go tell everyone what yours are, and if they relate to your photo this week, tell us about it. Mine is to get a good shot of all seven woodpecker species that occur in Indiana. Well, the Red-Bellied and Downy are checked off, just five more to go, and we all know which one is at the top of that list.
    In the midst of my recent bird obsession, I actually shot something other than a bird this week, although my intent was to find birds. I made a short drive up to the Muscatatuck NWR on Friday after a fresh snow to use my new 400mm f/5.6L and maybe shot some birds and waterfowl. After arriving and checking with the visitor's center, I was informed that otters were very active in certain lakes and ponds. It didn't take me long to find these guys and I spent the rest of my time up there shooting them. It was a nice change of pace to shoot something other than birds. Hopefully it'll be a nice change of pace for you guys too. The same woodpecker photo was starting to lose it's luster.
  2. [​IMG]
    Street portrait: Edgardo. Snapped on Market St. in San Francisco. 5D2. 35/1.4
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  4. Shucks, all my Canon EOS work this week has been taking pictures of OTHER cameras. Here are a couple of generation 2 Praktiflex cameras -- the direct ancestor of the Praktica.
    I did buy an EOS 630 yesterday, so watch the Modern Film Cameras forum in a week or two (shameless promotion for the new forum here).
  5. From the archives. Lived in Belgium, Europe for many years, Used spend happy hours following the wife round the local Brocante (car boot sale/flea market) with my camera. Saw lots of strange things.
  6. EOS 1N, EF 28-105mm, Efke 25
    Nathan-You caught the feeding activity very well. Good job with the new lens.
    Brad-Wonderful portrait.
    Jeff- Very a dark kind of way
  7. I went out to capture a sunset, but couldn't get there fast enough. So while walking thru the neighborhood, took a snap of a few people out for an evening stroll. (Canon D60, Tamron 24-135, f4, 1/10, ISO400, 47mm)
  8. One from a few weeks ago. It's not a joke, this scooter was used by the French Army in the fifities.
  9. Hey Nathan, where did that woodpecker get the otter suit? (Nice shot!)
    I should probably title this one, "Here he is again, torturing me while he plays with the lighting."
  10. I have not shot much of anything this week. So, here's another shot from the Festa Pomerana in Pomerode, Santa Catarina, Brazil. This young girl was watching the folk dances. She was also watching me take pictures. So, I asked if I could take her picture. She nodded that I could, but had a dead, stone cold look on her face. As I was about to take the shot this little smile appeared. Her family loved seeing the shot on the LCD, but did not ask me for a copy. I also got to shoot her sister and brother.
  11. Waiting for the 6:40.
  12. Back from a longer trip to China I find this shot from the mountain hills north of the Great Wall (Mutianyu).
    Canon EOS 5D Mark II
    EF 135mm f/2L USM
    1/125 sec ; f/8 ; iso 250
  13. senior
  14. Friends teasing the photographer.
    f/3.2, 1/60, ISO 200
  15. Horse Engle--beautiful!
    Where is that?
  16. Massimo. That, I think, its been a long time, is a 57mm recoilless rifle on that scooter. I fired that weapon in the early fifties as a firing range instructor. It was very accurate if you knew the exact range. You could fire a 57 mm projectile from your shoulder. The backblast from the weapon was pretty spectacular.
  17. Really nice photos here already! E.g., love that effect Robert with the approaching train.
    This shot I am posting is from SF looking north into the Marin with Mt. Tam near the center, the clouds helped a lot for the depth.
    EOS 7D, 16-35 and f/11.
  18. Bueh, Jeff and Brad, loving your portraits this week. Mine is from last week (missed the posting last week). Mary and Stacy were real troopers posing in the shin high, cold snow for me .
  19. kts


    nice wide angle shot of the bay Ken.....
    mine is another from last week and is a lifesize model at the natural history museum
  20. One shot I took last week. The idea reminds me of Michelangelo's Creation painting.
  21. One shot I took last week. The idea reminds me of Michelangelo's Creation painting.
  22. One shot I took last week. It's from across the street, and it's like the building is looking down on the passer-by.
    The shot was taken with a Canon EOS 450D and Canon EF 50mm f1.8 markII lens.
  23. Camera Canon EOS 7D
    Exposure 0.001 sec (1/2000)
    Aperture f/8.0
    Focal Length 500 mm
    ISO Speed 800
    Exposure Bias +1 EV
  24. My New Year's Resolution: learn to shoot portraits. So, here's one, of my "little" brother.
  25. Playing with black lights and glow in the dark props
  26. [​IMG]
    Not much shooting with EOS cameras lately (which, sadly, seems to be a theme so far this year). I did get out and about yesterday. I'm a sucker of these type of "Under the 'L'" shots. (350D, 24mm f/2.8)
  27. Like Nathan, I was out looking for birds to photograph when I spotted this critter.
  28. [​IMG]
    30D and Sigma 50 f1.4 f2
  29. One from last Summer for me. My son was not in the mood for posing and decided to whip the hat off my daughters head. So seconds after this i became a referee.
  30. [​IMG]
    Local high school basketball shoot this week. Rebel T1i, Canon 70-300/f4.0.
  31. Brad and Bueh, I was taken by your portraits.
    This was taken a couple months ago at Fitzgerald Reserve, down by Half Moon Bay.
    5D2, 16-35 at 23mm, f3.2, 1/13 sec, ISO 500, Polarizer
  32. I was on the road this week (as always) and this is some stained glass in a gazebo at a hotel outside Tokyo. I was struck by the colors and decided to post this image rather than my usual travel photos. I'm leaving town again this afternoon however, so no guarantees next week!
    Canon 40D and Canon EF-S 17-55 f/2.8 lens at 55 mm.
    Hand held, ISO 100, f/8, 1/160 second.
  33. Monogamy or Ménage à trois?
  34. Just taken about 1 hour ago
  35. There has been a crew of folks painting the message "You Are Beautiful" on various bridges, retaining walls, and buildings in Birmingham, Alabama. I have spent some time over the last week scouring downtown in search of their messages. They even let me photograph a work-in-progress. JR
  36. It's been snowing again here on the East Coast and I was under a lot of pressure to shoot something for today's thread. Fortunately, this angel came to the rescue.
    Angel, 40d, 50mm @1.4, 1/80s, 400ISO
  37. Taken last Sunday on a perfect winter weather. 5D 7-200/2,8 IS II
  38. Trying out some ideas at work
  39. i've been too busy at work to go out. So here's another older one, on one of those gloomy dark winter afternoons. I hate those days.
    So i want to call this "thank god for sat nav".
    5DII, 28-80 2.8-4.0
  40. [​IMG]
    Fiddle player Susan with the band Small Town Son performing at The Old Dog Tavern, Kalamazoo, MI.
    Camera: Canon EOS 7D
    Lens: Canon 100mm F2.0 USM
    Exposure Mode: AE
    Exposure: 0.008 sec (1/125)
    Aperture: f/2.8
    Focal Length: 100 mm
    ISO Speed: 5000
    Exposure Bias: -2/3 EV
    Flash: Off, Did not fire
  41. Birch leaves
  42. Took this shot last November at Alwalton church near Whittlesy, Peterborough, UK.
    Only had 10 days there, but still dragged home over 3k of images. ;-) The fog was so dense in the morning, that everything went grey a few 100 feet from us. Used Neat-Image on 2 images that I blended to bring out the shadows areas. Then I increased the foreground saturation and ran a high pass filter to sharpen selected parts. Looking back, I should have taken way more!
    Canon EOS 40D, ISO:400, 1/80s, f/5.6, @ 40 mm
    More at
  43. Measuring out some hot water for a lab. Shot with an xti.
  44. oops! Here is the photo.
  45. Not a good shot except fpr the beiong there part. This was me watching the kitty chase a new toy, until he split the legs of a bar stool!
  46. "Studio" work...
  47. Thanks Paul, that shot was taken just out side of Floral City, Florida.
  48. I found it! ;) and now looking for the B52s.
  49. [​IMG]
    Canon EOS 650 +EF 28-80mm f3.5-5.6
    Kodak Tmax 400 exposed at 1600
    Pushed to 1600 in Ilford ID-11
    Mike :D
  50. [​IMG]
    500D - EF 28-105 mm f/3.5--4.5 USM, @ 43mm f/4,0 - 1/10sec
  51. Snow slowed me down....
  52. I'm in a winter funk. Lots of gray cloud days and colder than normal temps coupled with an unquenched desire for spring does this every year.
    I went out to shoot this evening during the "magic" hour when I saw a bit of sun..... but when I got to my first stop it was gone. So I shot this tree.

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