Canon Thursday Pic 2011: #2

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by nathangardner, Jan 12, 2011.

  1. Important: please keep your image under 700 pixels wide/high for in-line viewing, and please try to keep the FILE SIZE UNDER 300kb. Note that this includes photos hosted off-site (at Flickr, Photobucket, your own site, etc).

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    I was tempted to disguise the pic of the week thread as a 5D II vs 7D thread since the one we had this week has over 125 responses while last weeks POW thread has only 80. Anyways, I'm sure lots of Canon cameras and equipment was received over the holidays so lets put it all to good use and post the photos.
    It's not Pileated, but Red-Bellied will definitely do for now. This guy has been around our yard quite a bit lately, but he's still not easy to approach. I finally got him in the viewfinder, but with only a 70-200mm I had to do quite a bit of cropping. Everyone can talk about megapixels all they want, but I'm thrilled at the results of such a hefty crop from "only" 8MP. The 70-200mm lens also helps quite a bit in the quality of the crop, its a great lens.
  2. Simple candles and wine... Simple motivation and high ISO.
    7D + 24-70 lens.
  3. a 5D II vs 7D thread since the one we had this week has over 125 responses while last weeks POW thread has only 80​
    Let the camera enthusiasts have their fun, this thread is for photographers. Come on gang! Lets rock these servers with EOS images!
    Canon A2E, EF 28-105mm f/3.5, Fuji Superia 400
  4. Snapped some shots while snowboarding this weekend
    7D 15-85 ISO 160 1/400 61mm f/7.1
  5. [​IMG]
    Eye Contact, 5DII + 35mm, 1/9/11
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  7. It's a plane!
    No really, it is a plane - a rubber-band-propelled plane. National Building Museum Model Airplane Workshop.
    5D2 70-200 f/2.8II - 1/100@f/2.8 ISO800
  8. I just cant seem to take enough shots of my favorite feathered friend.
  9. I always plan on taking some photographs of the Christmas decorations my wife puts out. Unfortunately, I never get to it before she packs them away. Finally, courtesy a snowstorm on the East coast, I was able to find some time to do it today. Here is one I liked the most.
    The Royal Family, 40D, ISO 800, 85mm, f1.8
  10. Finally getting an early start on this. Here's to a better week. Canon 40D while snowing.
  11. My goddaughter in the studio. Theme: "Frame" (for the local photo club).
    Shot with a Canon 50D, Canon 50mm 1.4 @ 5.6. One flash left behind her, one flash in front of her.
  12. Great photos on this thread!
    I'm crazy about still lifes lately.
  13. How hard can this be, really?
  14. Got outside this week but not far, managed to snap this on my back fence.
  15. Hope you don't mind if I post a picture of a weapon. But this artifact has an history to tell. It's a FCM 36, a french tank from the late thirties, only one survived nowadays, preserved in Musée des Blindés, Saumur (France). In 2009 it was restored to running order (after a few years of work). The Museum's crew managed to find a 90 years old tank commander, who fought in one of these in 1940. They invited him to make a test run, and the old guy had a lot of fun, as you can see on Youtube:
  16. Weather got better over the last 7 days and shooting outside was more pleasant that the weeks before. Again a shot from a small teenager gathering.
    f/1.8, 1/400, ISO 200
    EOS 5D, EF 50mm f/1.4 USM
  17. Just a detail from my moms garden
  18. A beautiful old tree near my home.
  19. I visited a local art school this past week. The students are out for holiday, but the director let me walk around the property. I found this work of art in a courtyard.
  20. Its that time of the year; its cold outside!
  21. Been doing some street photography lately. This is in Downtown Houston. Shot with Canon 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II and 5D Mark II. Post processed with Aperture and NIK Viveza 2.
  22. Courtesy of Storm Benedict, this is on of 2 feet worth of snowflakes I was shoveling yesterday.
    Oh and the only gear I got for Christmas this year was a customized camera strap (but then that's all I asked for ).
  23. Here it is Thursday, EOS day. Yes, it does snow in Kansas. Here's a little house but may be snowed in.
  24. Egret - 7D f/.6 55-250mm
  25. little black white cameo
  26. From a swim meet last weekend. 5d with 15mm fisheye. The weird thing is that's a 90 degree corner of the pool. 1/125th @ f8 @ISO 1000 was too slow as clear motion blur in the nearest swimmer, but I just like the how it captures both sides and more of the corner.
    You have to be very quick and withdraw the camera quickly, so it doesn't soaked, and I'm constantly having to clean the lenses in this environment.
  27. I got two new toys last week. A 30D for 300 bucks, and as I was taking my canon 85 f1.8 lens into a local camera store to get it sent out for repair, I happened across a nikkor 13.5 f3.5 lens for 30 bucks.
    Here is the result of the unholy pairing
  28. Beautiful pictures as always... I love David Storm's GBH at least as much as he does. This shot is from last winter, when I had a lot more available time on my hands.
  29. kts


    enjoyed a balmy 12F Sunday morning with two other photogs snapping sunrise shots of the Marblehead Lighthouse with Venus still visible
  30. My nephew took this during the holidays. I thought it was pretty funny.
  31. Walk on ice is winter fun. 5 d Samyang 14/2.8
  32. We found a new wine while on vacation last week and decided to give it a try....
  33. We finally had a bit of sun out for the last few days after 2 weeks of foggy weather. We were so busy enjoying the sunny warmth that I forgot to capture something for this thread. So I'll post one taken last week. (Canon D60, Tamron 24-135, f6.7, 1/350, ISO400, 37mm). I made this one a bit brighter than it really was, as I liked the slightly surreal result.
  34. As usual, lots of great shots here today. Just have to say that, having spent all summer and fall chasing Great Blue Herons and Great Egrets, how much I appreciate David Storm's shot.
    This was shot last week, shivering in the cold with the 50D mounted on my Gitzo and tripping the shutter with the remote cable release to keep the camera steady as possible. ISO 200, 1/500 sec at f 7.1, using my EF 100-300 f4.5-5.6 at the full 300mm. Shooting in burst mode, I didn't see this shot until I was back home editing the shots.
  35. Bueh,
    What's with the red eyes? Just wondering. They are very striking.
  36. Did do some shooting last week, but leave my equipment in the car trunk in the Winter to avoid the fogging in this frigid KC weather, and have no way at present to download. "The CF Card Reader is in the mail!"
    So, this guy survived the Christmas Dinner table! Taken on Dec. 27, 2010.
  37. Brookfield, CT
  38. It may not snow here, but it still gets very cold enough to burn the grass.
    Great Heron, David. Gene
  39. This was shot during the FOTO FAIR in New Delhi with my 5DMKII and 35 L 1.4
  40. Plenty of lovely photos this week but I have to admit that Thom P's is my favorite so far. I was stuck inside again playing with a small studio setup.
  41. [​IMG]
    Camera Canon EOS 7D
    Exposure 1/2500 sec
    Aperture f/6.3
    Focal Length 500 mm
    ISO Speed 1600
    Exposure Bias
    +1 EV
  42. Is this too abstract to be called a landscape? I don't know. It's quirky, but I like it. Shot in Mt Diablo State Park east of San Francisco a couple weeks ago.
    5d2, Tokina 150-500 @ 500mm, probably f8, 1/100 (tripod, mirror lockup, shutter delay), ISO200, hazy sun
  43. Fairy Falls. Multnomah County, OR
    5DII, 100mm f/2.8 macro, ISO 100
  44. Fairy Falls, Multnomah County OR
    5DII 100mm f/2.8 macro, ISO 100
  45. cjk


    Greetings to all from the sunny deserts of the Middle East...
    Playing with close-ups.
  46. Hello all, I couldn't find the time to shoot any last week so this one is from the archives. The shot was taken back in late October just after I purchased my new Rebel XS. This was one of the first hand held landscape? shots I had taken. I'm showing my rookie status here with an ISO setting of 800. I'm not sure why I had it set so high for this shot but that's what the shooting info is showing.
    Canon Rebel XS, EF-S 18-55mm IS, F/8 @ 1/160 sec, ISO: 800.
  47. Bueh, What's with the red eyes? Just wondering. They are very striking.​
    Cosplayers love contact lenses!
  48. Just to add a shot I took about 1 hour ago. Three Elk having a dispute on the kids soccer field in Canmore AB Canada. Shot with a Canon EOS 7D 1/320 and F11 with a 300 F4 LIS at ISO 400 - handheld
  49. Luna our cat
  50. vine
  51. I enjoyed this nocturnal view with big waves crashing on the shore in A Coruña, Galicia, Spain at 1-1-2011.
    20mm, 30 sec f/4.5, ISO 400.
  52. Tiger over in zoo
  53. This one is exactly a week old. Our cat is never quite sure what to make of this thing, especially right after we move it. He apparently needs a feline friend on occasion.
  54. A really cold trip in the morning
  55. Snow in Atlanta turned to ice. Then a ghost sat in the chair.
  56. Another older one. From a day at the recoring studio, the bass player had enough of the photographer..
    5DmkII, 550ex, 28-80 2.8-4.0..
  57. A great win to start league play. Down by 15 at half we came back to win.
  58. I didn't shoot anything this past week so I have this from the week before.
  59. [​IMG]
    This is not the best photo, but it's the best one that I have of our fuzzy, energetic house guest. We've been dog sitting for the past couple of weeks. She moves really fast!
    100mm f/2.8 Macro lens, 5D, f/3.5, 1/100 second, ISO 500, no flash (obviously!)
  60. Taken a few weeks back on my balcony just after the morning rain let up for a bit.
    5DMkII w/ 100mm 2.8 IS
    100mm, ISO200, 2.8, 1/400s
  61. Computer problems this week, so no shooting. One from a few weeks back.
  62. A rare parade.
  63. 7D 55-250is at 250mm. ISO 400
  64. I wasn't going to post anything because I've not really been shooting much (with an EOS camera at least), but then I saw the other photos of booze and I couldn't resist adding my own. :)
    New Years Eve
    B.t.w. karen that's a really lovely macro.
  65. One from last year
  66. Thanks Rob! love James Deans swimming pool and Marks Pigeon. Might try and get a shot like this as i have plenty of these in the garden.
    Anyone else lurking? Come on and post a pic are we really going to let the 7D-5D2 debate beat us?
    I would love either, still cant decide which would be best for me but its fun watching the debate, for now i will stick to my 50D ;-)
  67. Here's mine, shot last weekend at a buddhist gathering. This is from the elementry school kids that come to the center monthly and do crafts as well as learn buddhist principals. I shot using My XT with a Sigma 17-35mm lens. Shot 1/160s, f5.0, @17mm, ISO 800 and with built in flash and white balance set to florescent.
  68. sorry i'm late just got back from a gig in China ..
    Canon EOS 1D Mkll EF 35mm f/2 @ f/4 1/125 sec.

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