Canon Thursday Pic 2011: #1

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  1. Happy New Year everyone! This marks the first Canon Thursday Pic of 2011. I hope everyone had a great and safe New Year's and I hope no one has already broken their New Year's Resolution. My resolution this year was going to be to eat healthier, or more healthy, but that's unrealistic, so I think since I'm transferring to a bigger university and taking a bigger load of classes, my resolution is to stay on top of things and not to procrastinate, something I'm very good at. Let's hear your New Year's Resolutions.
    So my photo this week is of a White Breasted Nuthatch (according to my handy dandy Audubon Society Field Guide). These guys along with Downy and Red-Bellied Woodpeckers and many other birds are all over our yard so I decked myself in some of my newly aquired camoflauge clothing from the ever so exciting Bass Pro Shop (Christmas gifts) and sat on a stool with my camera about 12 feet from the tree and feeders. The birds had to see me there, but I think the pattern of sticks and leaves on my clothes gave them some comfort. Anyways, here's the photo. I had to give back the 100-400mm to its rightful owner a couple weeks ago :(, so its back to the ole 70-200mm, which explains why I was so close to the tree.
    Oh yeah, just a heads up to everyone, next week I start a new school schedule which requires me to be up at 6am every morning, so the Thursday thread may start a couple hours earlier on Wed. night so I can get to bed at a decent hour. Hope that's okay with everyone.
  2. [​IMG]
    Wanna Buy a Watch? Market Street, San Francisco. 5DII, 35mm
  3. Dug into my records. So I offer a mystery for the New Year....
    This was my submission for an abstract competition at the photo club I was a member of at the time. Canon 20d, 100mm macro, 0.3 sec at F3.2 > It's a few years old, as shots I took this week were boring.
    Am using it as desktop background image for my PC at work. Makes people very curious.
  4. Didn't shoot much in last days, but here's one from my moms garden.
  5. I havent dont too much either this week, but whilst archiving my Dec studio shoots I saved this one as one of my favourite shots to date from my newly acquired studio set up. I have colourised in PS and i know opinion is a bit divided about this but hey I liked it and thought it suited the subject. My client was over the moon with it.
  6. With my New 300 mm f/2.8 USM IS lens.
  7. Greetings all. This will be my last post until further notice. Camera and lenses are heading off to be sold to pay bills. Decided to put up an older pic. My 1st ever portrait shoot with my 500D. Wishing you all the best and thank you for the opportunity to share every thursday and appreciate the incredible talent displayed here.
  8. A shot from a few months ago. Taken in Lausanne's train station (Switzerland)
  9. Shot of a toy TLR in the process of being built. The instructions were all in Japanese, luckily the pictures were all that was needed to build it. It was a fun project. Canon 40D 17-85@68mm, 1/160, f11, ISO400, 430ex ii.
  10. [​IMG]This week's shot is NOT the best photo of me, but heck with it, my kids look cute lol. This was a fun shot we did JUST before bedtime on 1-1-11. I started a project along with some friends, a picture a day for the whole year. This was the start of it. Hopefully this marks the start of many new challenges this year. I'm up for it!
  11. ornate lamp
  12. Street cobbles in old San Juan, Puerto Rico. Was there on a cruise with the family over the holidays and thought the color unusual.
  13. This was shot at a local park. The leaves became encapsulated in ice due to temperature swings from cold to warm (with rain) back to cold.
  14. Snow, snow more snow. Work, work, work. 5D 70-200/2.8
  15. Duplicate post. Sorry!
  16. I didn't get out to shoot much this first week of the new year. Not because of the weather though. Here is another hibiscus from my backyard. I caught this one backlit at sunset and added a little fill flash.
  17. I made several trips to a bird feeder in a nearby park over the past week. I had some difficulty deciding which shot to post, but finally decided on this cardinal.
  18. The lake mist was rolling across this fisherman at a pretty good pace. I kept watching and took this shot when a small clearing appeared around his boat. In the next moment, he was completely enveloped in the mist. Think I'll call this one "Cloud Fishing".
  19. Ice crystals on our car window this Monday, cropped about 50%. It was damn cold out there!
  20. All the best for the New Year everyone.
    I worked on a collection of shots in and around an old building on the weekend at sunrise. This one was taken showing Gibraltar in the background. I used two strobes to light the building, one on the side and one on the patio.
    Keep shooting and see you next week.
  21. This is a Red Shoulder Hawk taken at a local park in Florida on New Year's day.
  22. Sorry for the second post. Here is the picture.
  23. While on a drive thru rural suburbs of Delhi/Gurgaon region again, my eyes caught this tower and the tree enclosed within. I stopped to take a picture simply for the pictorial value. Now, it occurs to me that this is a perfect representation of the urbanization of rural India. All the cities are expanding so rapidly that farmland is becoming an endangered species! Since there is no fence around the tower, the owner of the field has planted under the tower also. Every inch counts! (Canon D60, Tamron24-135, 1/350, f4.5, ISO400)

  24. kts


    out walking around on some frozen ponds late tuesday afternoon
  25. 5D2, Contax Zeiss 50/1.4 Planar, f1.4 at 1/60, ISO 1600.
  26. 5D2, Contax Zeiss 50/1.4 Planar, f1.4 at 1/60, ISO 1600.
  27. Happy New Year!
  28. Happy New Year to all. This was taken yesterday at Clare College, Cambridge University.
  29. I found myself with a little time, and near Pea Island NWR, and my bosses recently got a Sigma 50-500mm lens to try out...He's planning a trip to Africa this year, so his LBA (Lens Buying Addiction) is flaring up, and I benefit from it!
  30. This interplanetary/interstellar destination installation along the SF Embarcadero continues to fascinate me since it first landed last August. There was a stellar pre-sunrise yesterday morning and here is how it came out imaged in a 7D, 16-35, 22mm at ISO 400, f/4.
  31. My first attempt at star trails. 3.5 hour exposure. 16mm 1D mark iii
  32. Here is another shot I got in Paris last week. Champs Elysee and Arc de Triomphe.
  33. This past week we found an interesting structure called "The Periscopes" designed to transfer natural light and views into the local subway station. While not the best lighting, we had some fun finding interesting angles to play with. Happy New Year.
  34. [​IMG]
    Matt Giraud
    Matt Giraud was the 5th finalist on the 8th season of American Idol. He's a good friend of mine and he lets me shoot his shows when ever I want. This was from a show he performed in Rockford, Michigan a few weeks ago.
    Camera: Canon EOS 7D
    Lens: Canon EF70-200mm f/2.8L USM
    Exposure: 0.003 sec (1/400)
    Aperture: f/4.5
    Exposure Mode: Manual
    Focal Length: 80 mm
    ISO Speed: 2000
  35. A view of Humpback Mountain from my "office"
  36. Another picture from Hong Kong two weeks ago - just the everyday occurrence of a man walking his cat.
  37. Another picture from Hong Kong two weeks ago - just the everyday occurrence of a man walking his cat.
  38. My daughter catching some air off a home-made snow jump last week.
  39. cjk


    Happy New Year to all.
    Learning Macro photography and Photoshop's Auto-Blending...
  40. cjk


    Happy New Year to all.
    Learning Macro photography and Photoshop's Auto-Blending...
  41. Walking home from the produce store last night, I saw a sliver of a moon in the twilight. I wanted to stand there and watch it, but hurried home and set up the camera on the back porch.
    I find that 15 sec is too long an exposure for moon or stars, the earth is revolving too fast.
    5D2, Tokina 500 zoom @ 500mm, ISO 800, f 11, 15 seconds
  42. I'm obsessed with still lifes now. I get like that. I find a challenge and can't stop until I'm happy with it. I'm not happy yet compared to some I've seen, but I've improved a lot within the last few days. I'm trying to get items to fade into the darkness (haven't got there yet), and not have any blow outs. I've had the 5D for a week now and we're still getting acquainted.
  43. On Jan 2 I went on a walking tour of my own San Francisco neighborhood with my husband and a friend (my friend is developing these tours and we were his guinea pigs). We stopped by the Cable Car Museum, which is just a few blocks from my apartment, but I'd never been inside. I was glad to have an image stabilized lens on hand, so I could hold steady for 1/3 second and get a nice motion blur on the spokes.
    Canon 40D, 17-55mm f/2.8 lens at 17mm, 0.3 seconds at f/8, ISO 800.
  44. I hope you all had a safe and enjoyable holiday season. My shot for this week came from a vertical shot of some ice that I was trying to catch a few drops falling from. Had no luck at all but, I got to looking at this particular shot and noticed that the bottom of the ice-cycle resembled a sea serpent or similar creature as well as a fish face in the upper right corner. Thought it was pretty neat so I angled the shot to 45 degrees and cropped this image from it.
    Rebel XS, Kiron 28-70mm f/3.5-4.5 MACRO 1:4 MC, f/3.5, 1/800 sec, ISO=100
  45. I too hope all are enjoying the new year...
    For me dreary, cold, foggy weather - the norm for the Central Valley of California this time of year, is keeping my shooting mostly inside. So I am spending my winter, photographically speaking, learn more of flash and still life techniques. This image, caught just this morning, I deemed of some merit (so I thought I'd share it). Granted the original painting is nothing to rave about, but the angle of capture and the lighting made the image interesting in my opinion.
  46. My daughter painted this and I'm trying to get a good photo of it so I can have it printed as a poster for a friend of hers. The painting is about 5 feet tall, and it was not easy to get the edges straight, with no glare, etc. I think the colors came out pretty true to life.
    Great shots today, nice way to start the year. @Jim Service - I like that moon with plane shot - it looks like Santa's sleigh!
  47. No new photos this week so here's a shot from last year. Happy new year to everyone.
  48. Pileated Woodpecker. This one's for you Nathan!
  49. [​IMG]Last Sunday.
  50. Here's one i took last summer, in the break-room at a music and theatre festival in Veghel (nl). (2010-07-17)
    I was there to take photo's of a band, and saw this lady sitting in the break/dressing room. (a classroom in a school, curtains closed..)
    No idea who she is, or what group she belonged to. It doesn't belong in the series for the band i was there for, so i thought i'd use it for the forum.
    5DmkII, i think it was the 70-200 2.8 L Is, available light.
  51. I am still hampered with a semi-bust computer, with no access to the drive that holds all my images..but as someone said last week... 'the show must go on'. This image is one that was on my quite lame laptop, shot quite a while back~ and possibly one of my favourites. This was shot in the British Museum in London and is the head of a horse of Selene from the east pediment of the Parthenon.
  52. [​IMG]
    White tail deer doe on alert in our first big snow.
    Camera Canon EOS 7D
    Exposure 0.004 sec (1/250)
    Aperture f/5.6
    Focal Length 500 mm
    ISO Speed 1600
    Exposure Bias +5/3 EV
  53. Long time reader, first time poster. I took this shot near the church in Alwalton near Whittlesey, Peterborough, England. Taken in Nov, 2010.
    Canon EOS 40D, 37mm, F/7, 1/80, ISO:400
  54. Here's mine for the week. Just a shot from the street to a balcony while walking thru Eureka Springs, AK. Taking a break I guess.
  55. NYC after the storm.
  56. Shot on the way home from a snowboarding trip. 7D, 15-85 f/3.5-5.6 IS USM, 15mm, ISO 100, 2.5 seconds
  57. New Years Day image.
  58. Creepy baby head in from of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.
  59. Thanks Eric, and its a male, which are even more skittish than the female. Great focus and colors.
  60. High school indoor track meet.
  61. Here's another one of my photos from the dress rehearsal of the "Nut Cracker" with the Ballet Jorgen Canada. The dancers are Sydney Bluck & Maren Brodovsky as the "Frogs".

    The following shot was taken with my Canon EOS 50d with the Canon EF 70-200
  62. From a great new year's eve day outing at Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge with my wife.
    Eagle Pair
    7D, 100-400mm "L" f8 @ 1/1500, ISO 400
  63. Just a snap.
  64. 7D, EF 70-200mm f/3.5, ISO 400
  65. I have been trying without success for several weeks to get a decent picture of a great blue heron that hangs out at a lake in my area.. so this morning I went back and was sitting in my truck eating a bagel waiting to see if anything shows up, so to my surprise, he landed about 15 feet from my truck.. All I had to do was roll down my window and start shooting away.. Once in a while, I get lucky.
  66. Happy New Year Everyone! I also have not had time to go out and snap at anything new so here's one from the archives.
    5DMKII w/ 70-200mm 2.8L I
    Focal Length: 140mm, ISO125, F8, 1/80s
  67. Not too many bugs this time of year, but I found this little guy (about 2mm long) running around under a board in the garden today. 5DM2, Nikon 4/0.10 finite conjugate objective on PB4 bellows (about 6.8X to sensor), MT-24 EX flash with diffuser. ISO 100, 1/200.
    Immature Woodlouse
  68. "Wishes!" in Italian! Playing with light an my 5D II...
  69. Busy week, had to grab one from last month
  70. BTW great Eagles Mike
  71. Sitting at the kitchen table on New Years morn I heard birds in the backyard. Grabbed the camera and got this White Crowned Sparrow on the back fence for my first capture of 2011. HAPPY NEW YEARS!
  72. Thanks Gene.
  73. A day late but happy to join the Thursday thread. It's my first time posting. great pictures guys.
    40D w/ 17-85MM Kit Lens
    Focal Length: 44mm, ISO800, F5.6, 1/80s.
  74. Canon shooter shooting with Ricoh Caplio GX100...
    [​IMG] it's kind of cheating, but the portability/quality of this nifty P&S is hard to beat, and since I was on vacations, hope y'all will forgive me this tiny as the size of this camera "betrayal" ;)
  75. Haven't been around for a while but I'm finally back. This was shot over the holidays at San Diego Zoo.
    7D, 70-200mm F4L. Shot at 1/60, 200mm, ISO 1000.
  76. Sorry this is so late, been a rough week. A lot of great shots here again.

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