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    Well its Thursday again and I am glad to say I'm back after going AWOL last week. Thanks to Josh and Lupo, the thread continued on with only a minor hicup. So for those of you that need structure and consistency, it is back once again.
    Since this is the last Thursday of 2010, I thought I'd link to the first Canon Thursday Pic thread of the year so we could glance back at our work then and now and see how we've improved. Of course the first thread was only a couple months ago so the improvement may not be too drastic. Ideally, we'd like to look back and see how we've change over the course of a year, so maybe a year from now we'll get the full effect when we look at a year old thread.
    Canon Thursday Pic 2010: #1
    For my photo this week, its another one from the high school basketball tournament last week. I haven't shot anything since, so this is all I got for ya.
  2. Well, I am ready this week. The holidays are here and the amaryllises are in bloom, fortunate for me because it is still wet and muddy outside.
  3. 5D2, Canon 50/2.5 Macro, f2.5, 1/200, ISO 1600
  4. Bought a bunch of cheap m42 lens, so here is one with the S-M-C Takumar.
  5. Here's mine. In my other life, I work for an airline :)
  6. Birdwatching at Mukai Pond
    My wife watching birds from the fringes of a local pond. I just like the textures and colors. Pretty typical winter day in Puget Sound.
    7D, Tokina 12-14mm @ 24mm, f6.7 @ 1/125, ISO 800
  7. I grabbed a nice snapshot of my wife while we were out shooting eagles in the frozen marshes of northern Missouri.
    300D, EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5 IS, ISO 200
  8. Well... I enjoy both photography and also woodwork.
    Around 15 years ago, as an incentive to give up smoking, I persuaded my wife to let me purchase a brand new router (a handheld woodworking machine for those that don't know). I chose the Elu MOF96e. This workhorse has served me well ever since.
    I moved from Europe to USA 3 years ago and (with the aid of a voltage transformer) have been using it over here without problem (Note.. European voltage/frequency is 240v/50Hz and US is 110v/60Hz) so with a step-down transformer the voltage is OK, but electric motors run a bit faster (think about 17% from memory). Fortunately the 96E is variable speed so not really an issue.
    Until tonight.
    Was using it in router table mode as I was cutting some cornices for a pair of bookshelves I'm making. Switching router bits: the collet locked up and would not budge. Realised the shaft had seized up.
    Eventually I plucked up courage and stripped the whole thing down. I found the problem, which was a broken collet lock. Thought it would be a good thing to document, so wiped wiped the grease and sawdust from my hands and pulled the 5D plus 105 macro from the kit bag. Took various shots, aided by the MR-14EX ring-flash.
    During the shots I noticed that the top of the armature had a spherical wheel attached and there was a crack in it. Managed to manually focus and take a shot of it. That's my submission below (for this shot I used natural light, and just rested camera on work bench).
    I have subsequently ordered new bearings, collet lock, pole piece (that's I believe the cracked piece I photographed) plus a couple of new fence rods that got a bit bent over years of mis-use.
    So hopefully in a couple of weeks I'll have a re-engergised machine ready to face the next tens years.
    The fact this piece of equipment is still alive is a testament to it's sturdy manufacture, and a good lesson to us all - buy the best you can afford and treat them them well - they should serve you for many years - but don't be afraid to take things apart and see how they work. It is invariably an interesting exercise, providing you are careful.
  9. Still can't quite get into the 10mm (EF-S) mind-set. Ended up cropping this to almost 70mm (35mm equivalent) to find the picture.
  10. Merry Christmas one and all! Missed last weeks which is the only one i have not contributed to so far did have a look though and some great pics.
    My daughter insists i take her pic everytime i set up the studio so i have a few to choose from but this one sums up her cheeky character pretty well and she definitely isn't camera shy.
  11. My first time posting in this thread, excited to do so![​IMG]
    7D 15-85 f/3.5-5.6 1/200 f/6.3 55mm ISO 100
  12. Can anyone else see my picture? All I see is a blue box with a question mark in it.
  13. Greetings all. Trust all had a wonderful time with family the 25th. I have to say while I love the general standard of submissions, what I really do enjoy are those that show a small slice of life. Those with a story behind them. Like sharing between friends. From me this is my brother and his newest son on Christmas day. My gran was confused as to why it's in black and white. To her only very old photos are black and white.
    Well, wishing all a wonderful new year.
  14. We visited historic Williamsburg, VA this week. For our return trip, we decided to take the Jamestown Ferry which crosses the James River. It was late in the day and the sky was beginning to fill with orangey pink, yellow and dark purple hues. I spotted these cormorants gathered at the ferry slip. I waited until the ferry was moving in order to frame a silhouette shot against the beautiful colors in the sky.
  15. A Christmas Day visitor to our garden.
    Shot at iso-800 through 3 layers of glass.
  16. Not much going on here in Brazil during the holidays. Most people have headed off to the beach. I'm just not big on over-crowded beaches, so here's a hibiscus from my back yard.
  17. Winter is beginning here in KS so I picked out a shot from a summer family fish fry. Here's little Charlie known to us all by dinosaur Charlie. He's a little too smart for his age. My wife convinced him that liverwurst was dino meat and he ate it up. Happy New Year and see you all next year.
  18. Here in CT we had our FIRST snowfall of the season and it was a doozy (to some). It was a minor delay in my day but was out and about by afternoon getting things done! Other then playing the role of photographer (suckered in) at our family christmas eve gathering, this was the only time I was out shooting this week.
  19. road letter
  20. Nothing much happened here. So just a shot of my current foster cat.
    f/2.2, 1/60, ISO 400
  21. Hello everyone, Some very nice shots this week and I enjoyed looking back at the first Canon Thursday Pic thread. Very nice. I picked up a (1x) adapter in order to mount a few of my old FD lenses to my new Rebel XS and I must say that I am very pleased with the results. I set my old "Kiron 28-70 mm f/3.5-4.5 MACRO 1:4 MC", with a Canon FD Mount and the 1x's adapter to macro and started looking for something around the house to shoot. Not all that interesting of a shot but I thought the quality of the photo turned out fairly well...
    Canon REBEL XS, Kiron 28-70 mm f/3.5-4.5 MACRO 1:4 MC / Canon FD & 1X Adapter, 1/50sec @ F4.5, ISO=100
  22. Well folks, I'm excited to contribute this week. My family and I were in Paris Monday through Wednesday, with cloudy and foggy weather, so it was not so good for photography. On Tuesday night, crossing one of the bridges near the Musee D'Orsay, we encountered this view of the Grand Palais - it was built originally for the World's Fair of 1900. Time has done nothing to diminish her beauty.
  23. All I have is a Christmas day image. Sorry. Haven't really touched my camera since last weekend.
    5D @1600 ISO Sigma 50mm @F1.8
  24. I like making dioramas. The background is a photo I took and I used a green screen to show it. The foreground is bits of things and a Schleich figurine. I used white lights and an XSi. I made this a couple of days ago. This is my first time posting on the Thursday Canon thread.
  25. I have not had much chance to take photos this week so here is one from earlier in the year. Taken (with a 7D iso 800 and a 135 f2 lens @f2) during a gala exhibition for rhythmic gymnastics.
    Happy New Year to all.
  26. Some great shots so far this week, as usual. This is another typical Central Ohio winter, gray and gloomy most of the time, but a couple of days ago, the sun peeked through the overcast skies for a bit late in the afternoon, and I jumped in the car and ran over to the local frozen wetlands park. There is a bird feeder that attracts a lot of birds to its vicinity, and I've been trying to get shots, with some success of a number of cardinals that frequent this feeder, though in the trees, not at the feeder. There were also a lot of sparrows at the feeder, and I noticed this little bird I couldn't identify, at the feeder, but he was much too far away while in the trees, so I set up and focused on the edge of the feeder and waited, grabbing a couple of quick shots when he landed. According to my bird ID app on my iPhone, I believe this is a Carolina Chickadee. Had to crop in quite a bit - this is the equivalent of a 2.1 mp image after cropping, but I don't have the lens to get any closer, and the birds won't let me approach any closer.
  27. kts


    nice one Sue...that reflection in the water is great.
    taken yesterday, mine is a shot of probably the most photographed (and fed) bird in the rocky river metropark....a chickadee affectionately named "zorro" for the distinct cap markings....
  28. From today's NY Times, "On Thursday, at a photo studio in Parsons, Kan., the last Kodachrome processing machine in the world will be shut down to be sold for scrap."
    As much as I like digital, this bit of news makes me a bit nostalgic. I think I'll go listen to Paul Simon now. "Momma, don't take my Kodachrome away".
  29. New year's greetings to everyone!
    I was driving back home after dropping my son off to college, when I decided to stop at the nearby Bird Sanctuary for photo ops for this thread. The day was over cast and there was a bit of fog also at the place. As I grabbed a couple of shots unenthusiastically, the sun decided to peek out of the clouds bright red and orange. I quickly took this shot , just barely fitting in the sun and it's reflection at the 17mm setting of my lens. A quick bit of processing/saturation in DPP made the colors a bit more lively than they actually were, but I like the result!
  30. With a combination of storms, icy roads, honey-do's, post-Christmas stress disorder and just plain laziness, I haven't shot a thing all week. So, I decided to plug in the Wayback Machine and post a 15-year old shot from my first EOS camera, a Rebel G, shot with the very first generation of Kodak T400CN, which really sucked. This is a rock formation in east San Diego County (Buckman Springs area, if you care) which appears to have several gargoyle faces imbedded. They become a little more obvious with a touch of Photoshop work. That's "touch" as in "sledgehammer". It's still a work in progress, so try to control your gag reflex, OK?
    Oh, and Happy New Year!
  31. With a combination of storms, icy roads, honey-do's, post-Christmas stress disorder and just plain laziness, I haven't shot a thing all week. So, I decided to plug in the Wayback Machine and post a 15-year old shot from my first EOS camera, a Rebel G, shot with the very first generation of Kodak T400CN, which really sucked. This is a rock formation in east San Diego County (Buckman Springs area, if you care) which appears to have several gargoyle faces imbedded. They become a little more obvious with a touch of Photoshop work. That's "touch" as in "sledgehammer". It's still a work in progress, so try to control your gag reflex, OK?
    Oh, and Happy New Year!
  32. My new 85 f/1.8 arrived yesterday and I was going to post a shot from it to today's thread, but I ended up with little time and only managed to get as far as photographing the box it came in! So, here's something from this past summer taken with a rented 85mm f/1.8 instead:
    Lake St. Bridge and Bridge House detail, Chicago. Built in 1916
  33. End of season. What better time?
  34. Nice dunk photo Nathan! Welcome back. ;-)
    I got back the other day from Monterey County -- the post Xmas weather turned out *perfect* and I got many great photos. Here is one: 7D, 24-70 at 24mm, ISO 100, f/9, 1/30 shooting into the sun, Tuesday, 12/28/2010. Before driving home up north of S.F. we did a detour to the world class, beautiful & spectacular Big Sur coast of Monterey Co.
    Rocky Creek Bridge on Hwy 1, built 1932.
  35. I was in Hong Kong last weekend for a quick trip. The scale of the vertical living in Hong Kong is difficult to describe. What struck me most about Hong Kong was the way modernity lives side-by-side with much older ways. From street markets abutting architectural masterpieces to new ships sailing next to 100 year old vessels, the contrast is remarkable. Below is one example - the erection of bamboo scaffolding with lashings (as opposed to steel with clasps). These grass matrixes cover the Hong Kong skyline and reach dozens of stories.
  36. [​IMG]
    Snapped in San Francisco's Mission District. 5D2, 35mm
  37. We finally had a decent break in the weather two days befor Christmas and on Friday I got out early with some friends. We stopped by this pond in Marin before breakfast on our way farther north.
    5D2, 24-70 f2.8L @ f16 1/160 ISO200
    Praveen, this is so similar to yours and I would not have put it in but I've been waiting all week with this shot in mind.
  38. Love this forum. Thanks guys for putting it together.
    I guess it is that time of the year. This photograph depicts my second resolution for 2011, of course, the first being to shoot more photos. Happy New Year Everyone!
    A new New Year Resolution, 40d, 35mm, f2.8, 2.5s
  39. Another picture of my daughter who just loves these bells. Getting an external flash for Christmas has allowed me to once again use my 18-55 kit lens indoors. Most of the time I had been using my 50 f/1.8 up against a wall. Happy New Year.
  40. One from last week
  41. Have a happy New Year everyone. Last week while out for a walk...
  42. @Jim Service - I really like that shot - glad you posted it, worth the wait!
    My shot is from last Christmas, actually, of my favorite ornament. Happy New Year to everyone!
  43. Here's another one of my photos from the dress rehearsal of the "Nut Cracker" with the Ballet Jorgen Canada. The dancer is Alyssa Stevens who is playing "Mother Spruce".

    The following shot was taken with my Canon EOS 50d with the Canon EF 70-200

  44. Happy New Year!
  45. Building her first snowman. We had a white Christmas, a rare event in Charlotte, NC. This is my daughter enjoying the snow.Taken with a 40D, 50mm, 1/200, f2.8, ISO 200.
  46. Christmas Chaos. There was no order in all this and the noise level was incredible and the TV was blasting away too. Canon 5D Mk2 ISO 3200 f/10 1/200 sigma 24-70
  47. Canon EOS 1V, Fuji Reala 100, EF 28-80, F/5.6 Scanned at 1200dpi Epson V750
  48. Here's my contribution, a Rosette Spoonbill at nearby Mangrove swamp
  49. Happy Holidays
  50. Just a tree, in the street in front of my house. When i was leaving for the supermarket i noticed the light through the branches, and took a quick snapshot. Not realy happy with the result, but i'll keep trying to get a better shot :)
    5DmkII, 28-80 2.8-4.0
  51. Shot this back in early November during Indian Summer.
    5D mkII, ASA 200, 24-105, f4@1/80
  52. Shot today at the Boston Muesum of Science. School vacation on a very nice early winter day. The crowd was amazing, and we took our turn building k'nex toys in the exhibit entitled "engineering is fun" (I can really relate).
  53. Seems like I have a habit of double posting. Sorry.
  54. Traveled this week from San Jose, CA to Oregon. Stopped in Redding, CA to see the Sundial Bridge...
  55. [​IMG]
    We got our first real snow today. Here's a mule deer doe that seems to be alert to a coyote or something following her group. I never saw the threat.
    Camera Canon EOS 7D
    Exposure 0.004 sec (1/250)
    Aperture f/5.6
    Focal Length 500 mm
    ISO Speed 1600
    Exposure Bias
    +5/3 EV
  56. Well, late to the show this week but there are great shots here, as usual. Karen, I love the image of your daughter. Here's mine, shot at sunrise, Chester County, PA.
  57. I am glad that we all agree that "The show must go on"! Looking at great photos posted this week I can't help it but to comment on few of those. Of course its only MHO to pick few and there are many other honorable mentions too. Here is my take on some:
    @ Luis: Wow I am already drooling over that lens! You should post some of the images taken with that too. @ James D: very interesting story and morale behind this picture. @ Karen: A lovely portrait from a wonderful girl. @ Mark K: I really like the silhouette of the birds (Cormorants?). @ Ron D: You have a powerful story teller picture here, healthy childhood curiosity in a nutshell. @ John H: An image which tells more story than just the sport itself. @ David S: Using 500 mm focal length definitely helped intensifying the moment. My contribution to this week is from a bench at trail head of a horse trail (snow mobile trail in the winter). Cheers, Hadi
  58. enjoying the local wildlife
  59. [​IMG]
    Another attempt at some night photography. Those are the lights of Oakland, CA and it's airport from a parking lot at Holy Names University. The dark strip is San Francisco Bay and the then the lights of the peninsula. Notice the plane taking off on the right side of the photo. 30 second exposure with an xti, iso 400, f11 taken last night, Thursday,
  60. Yes, the show must go on. My main machine has a busted power supply at the moment! I wanted to keep my record of not having missed contributing to this weekly thread since it started, so I borrowed one of my own images off my online portfolio, and am reposting it...
  61. Was going to post a pic this final day of 2010 but I guess I am blind since I have no idea how to post to this forum.
    Anyway, Happy New Year to you all!
  62. Happy New year to all. MR. Mcnaughty Canon 7D 17-55 2.8
  63. Richard,
    after you submit and and press the confirm button on your posting, you will be brought to a page with a place to upload an image. Click the browse button and choose a photo from your computer. Be sure it's sized correctly and write a caption.
  64. Thanks Nathan, I guess I moved a little to fast to see the second page. Returned to the thread instead. Thought this would be like "No words" where you simply post to the theme.
    Happy New Year!
  65. Nothing special but this is my most recent bird in in the snow. Shot outside my back deck with the 7D and 300 2.8 with a 580 II on camera.
  66. Wishing everyone a great 2011!

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