Canon Thursday Photo #7

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  1. Important: please keep your image a max 1000 pixels wide/high for in-line viewing, and please try to keep the FILE SIZE UNDER 300kb. Note that this includes photos hosted off-site (at Flickr, Photobucket, your own site, etc). Are you new to this thread? The general guidelines for these Thursday threads are right here. Remember: only up to 3 images each week. New Photonet, new picture. Let's see yours for this week.

    Fallen tree and lake. 70-200mm f4 IS. Teatown Vernay Reservation 11 2012-10.jpg
  2. Canon 7D Ver 1 - Sigma 150-600 @600mm 1/3200th sec f/6.3 ISO320 BlueJayz2000Crop 7D 600mm f6.3 1-3200 iso320-2166.jpg
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  3. 135A8382_BW_T.jpg
    Here's a 3-minute exposure from Sunday.
    5D3+24-105, stacked Hoya ND8 and ND1000 filters
  4. PinkOrchid.jpg Another orchid taken with 5D II + 31mm extension tube + EOS - FD converter + FD 35mm lens.
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  5. Last week i went to the Handsome Family show at Bitterzoet in Amsterdam.
    The place was packed. Couldn't walk around anymore. So after an attempt to take photo's i retreated to the back (recording is on - live music archive)
    At least the recording came out nice, photo's .. nah.. i'll have another attempt when they return to Holland in May.
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  6. brett1_IMG_1194.JPG
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  7. Brett had a bad cold, he was trying to fight it with booze..
  8. A blast from the past.


    A long-dead cat shot with a camera I no longer own. Canon 7D. Her name was India. A very gentle, sweet cat.
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    Cherry Glazerr
  10. We had an issue with malware (cryptolocker) a couple of weeks ago. Today I remembered that I forgot to recalibrate my monitors after that incident. Doing so tonight.
    I have a sunset which I just made it home for the other day.
    5D Mark IV 24-70mm F/2.8 L
  11. Natalia natalia_photonet.jpg
    1Ds III 50mm f/2.5
  12. Knights Ferry California today on a beautiful day and thankfully not much rain. _A0A3702-Edit.jpg
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  13. Mark Keefer, wonderful image.
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  14. Thanks DC. Was up in Big Sur a couple months ago, this is Shark Fin Cove somewhere between Big Sur and Santa Cruz. Hoping to be back out on the West Coast soon.
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  15. Not that there's anything wrong with it now, but that's a "high potential" shot that I'd probably work a little more. It's a "wall-hanger."
  16. Late to the party, but hopefully not too late. 50D Helios 44-2 * EF12II IMG_15817_Blauwe druif.jpg
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  17. My only EOS today.


    EOS 20D w/ EF-S 17-85mm
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